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Assessment of New Students

Assessment of New Students

New Student Skills Assessment: Placement Testing

New students who need to take an academic skills placement may recieve one of three types:  ACCUPLACER, ASSET or Michigan. MCC testing staff will administer these tests free of charge to all students planning to attend Metropolitan Community College. All test-takers' are required to have a MCC student ID number and verified via a valid state/government or MCC student issued photo ID Card (includes passports and visas).

Test Preparation: Because coursework requirements in math, reading and writing are based on placement test results, students should review their academic skills before testing to insure accurate placement. There are a variety of test-taking and preparation resources tailored specifically for the MCC ACCUPLACER test available. Test preparation should concentrate on the reading comprehension and math portions of the ACCUPLACER preparation materials. (MCC does not currently use the Sentence Skills test section). Contact any MCC Learning & Tutoring Center for questions about accessing the ACCUPLACER study app.

ACCUPLACER Retakes: The ACCUPLACER can only be taken twice within any 2-year period and require the approval of an MCC Advisor for the second test.  It is recommended that all students brush up on their academic skills prior to taking their assessment and to use the free ACCUPLACER preparation resources available to them. 

Remote ACCUPLACER Testing: Students wanting to register for MCC courses but unable to test at an MCC location may be able to take the MCC ACCUPLACER assessment at another institution that participates in the ACCUPLACER network. For more information, please consult our remote  ACCUPLACER testing page.

SmarterMeasures: SmarterMeasure is an optional assessment that measures learner readiness.  It will help you prepare to be successful as a student. You are not penalized for guessing on SmarterMeasure, please enter an answer for each question on the assessment. Upon completion of SmarterMeasure you will receive a score report which will not only help you understand your strengths and opportunities for improvement, but will also provide resources to help you succeed. Remember, this assessment is strictly for your benefit. Take the time to rate yourself honestly. For more information, please consult our SmarterMeasures  page.

*** Some students may not be required to take MCC placement testing. 

New ESL Student Assessments: ESL ACCUPLACER and Michigan

If English is the student's second language,  the student must meet with an advisor or counselor in Student Services. The ESL ACCUPLACER is a computerized program and there is no time limit to take it. MCC uses the ESL Listening and ESL Reading Skills portions for English Course Placement.  In some cases an ESL WritePlacerof may also be used as well when there is a question of required skill, that requires an additional short writing sample as well. Practice resources for the ESL ACCUPLACER and sample questions for the Reading Skills are also available in the Learning & Tutoring Center for use.

The Michigan ESL Evaluation is a second type of placement test when English is the student's second language.  This one however is only done with a recommendation from an MCC Advisor. It is paper/pencil test and is timed.

Placement Test Scheduling

ACCUPLACER: This placement assessment is administered by both appointment and walk-in, but due to limited seating at some testing locations it is best to call to see if an appointment is necessary. The average time to complete this test is around two hours or less, however there is no actual time limit for taking it. This test is available at all testing locations.

ASSET: This written assessment replaces the ACCUPLACER for students with documented disabilities needing certain accommodations. It is given only by appointment and with a DSS recommendation at all locations.

ESL Michigan: Most ESL students will take the ACCUPLACER assessment. The paper/pencil ESL Michigan test is administered by appointment only at the South Omaha, Fort Omaha, Elkhorn Valley and Sarpy Testing Centers.

Students wishing for placement testing scores to be released to other institutions must follow MCC's Placement Score Release Request procedures.