Community Grant Information

The Metropolitan Community College Community Grant program is designed to be the last or gap-funding resource for students so they may continue attending school and complete their degree at MCC. The program awards students up to $1,000 to help them stay in school or return to school to complete their educational goals. Students can only receive one Community Grant in their lifetime at MCC. 

Within the program, there are a number of grants available. Each grant is tailored to meet the needs of our students. Students may be eligible for one of the five Community Grants available:

Amnesty Grant

This grant assists students who need help paying off a balance before returning to MCC. Students with a qualified prior year term balance are given a temporary exception so they may register for classes upon being awarded financial aid for the current academic year. In order to receive the Amnesty Grant, students must enter into an agreement to pay off their prior balance in full before the end of the first quarter they return to classes.

Fresh Start Grant

This grant assists students who have had challenges in transitioning to college and have had their financial aid eligibility denied due to their prior academic performance. This grant will give them the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to succeed and gain back their financial aid eligibility.

MCC Opportunity Grant

This grant assists students who may not otherwise qualify for financial aid but need assistance to bridge the gap toward payment of their educational expenses.

MCC Completion Grant

This grant assists students who have fewer than 24 credits hours remaining to complete a degree but have exhausted other funding sources. It will pay tuition and fee costs for the remaining required courses for the degree program.

MCC Hardship Grant

This grant assists students enrolled in the current quarter who may be experiencing a one-time unexpected financial hardship. This grant will assist with direct educational expenses (tuition, fees, books, etc.).

Metropolitan Community College seeks recommendations from community agencies and MCC staff to identify students in need of extra financial support. To recommend a student for a Community Grant, complete the Community Grant recommendation form and submit to