Current MCC Student Scholarships

Metropolitan Community College, in conjunction with the generosity of donors through the MCC Foundation, offers a wide array of scholarships to help current students lower the cost of attending college. These scholarships are available to students in various programs of studies, with various academic abilities, and for students with and without financial need. The scholarships change every quarter, and the application takes less than five minutes to complete.  

Note: A completed FAFSA on file at the MCC Financial Aid office is required for all need-based scholarships.

Scholarship Application for Current students
spring quarter

 open: January 15 to february 15

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current mCC Students

There are 91 unique scholarships available this quarter; each with their own eligibility criteria. Here are a couple highlights for the Spring 2019 quarter:

  • Completion Scholarship 

    • Eligibility: Current MCC student within 18 credit hours of completing their declared associate degree; Nebraska resident

    • Criteria: MCC GPA of 2.5 or higher; education plan on file

    • Amount/Covered: Total of $1,000 over three of four consecutive quarters toward tuition and fees ($333 per quarter) 

  • Continuing Student Scholarship

    • Eligibility: Current MCC student with at least 36 credit hours completed in program of study; Nebraska resident

    • Criteria: MCC GPA of 2.5 or higher

    • Amount/Covered: Total of $1,500 over three of four consecutive quarters toward tuition and fees ($500 per quarter)


    • Eligibility: Varies

    • Criteria: Varies

    • Amount/Covered: Varies

Note: All student-provided information will be verified by the Scholarship Office to determine a students' eligbility.

Note: To remain eligible for scholarships, students must maintain the criteria required by the scholarship award; including, but not limited to: maintaining enrollment in the determined program of study, the number of credit hours taken and earned, grade point averages, residency status, and financial need (if applicable). Other specific scholarship requirements will be noted on award notices.

Scholarship Application Calendar*

Current MCC Students

  • Spring quarter application window

    • Jan. 15-Feb. 15

  • Summer quarter application window

    • Apr. 15-May 15

  • Fall quarter application window

    • Jul. 15-Aug. 15

*Subject to change.


  • Winter 2018 Quarter

    • 43 Scholarship Funds Offered

    • 153 Scholarship Recipients

    • ~$250,000 awarded

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