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Meet Our Students

Comments From MCC'S Credit Courses Abroad Students and Faculty:

Kareca Moore Credit Course Abroad Scandinavia

For me the experience was invaluable. It was an opportunity to broaden my horizon and perspective. You are never the same once you realize there is a global classroom around you waiting to open up new experiences to you. (Kareca Moore, Scandinavia 2017)

Rosebud trip attendees

The study abroad experience immerses a student in an adventure that enhances their sensory, emotional, spiritual and philosophical character. It transforms their comfort zone. (Janet McCarthy, Faculty leader: Rosebud 2017)

Ireland Departure Credit Courses Abroad

A study abroad program is the best opportunity to offer students. It gives them a chance to experience outside their norm and see and learn about other cultures. It also can open their eyes to what career they might want and help students who were not sure of their major, possibly pick one. (Steven Steube, Ireland 2018)

Credit Courses Abroad departing to Belize

Thanks for giving our students an opportunity to build a lifelong learning memory. (Al Cox, faculty leader: Rosebud 2017, Belize 2015, Galapagos Islands 2014)