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Nebraska’s higher education institutions have joined together to offer Transfer Nebraska, a one-stop site that provides you with a list of courses that will transfer from one school to another.

If you are a recent high school graduate and paln to complete one year or more at MCC before transferring to a 4-year program, Check out the Passport program.

Select the school you wish to attend and click on the link to see MCC's transfer agreements.

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HOW TO USE Information on this site

How to use an A to B Transfer Guide


A to B Agreements (A to B)
Associate to Bachelor (A to B) Agreements provide students the opportunity to complete an associate degree while working toward a bachelor's degree. Most, if not all, the credits in the associate degree transfer to the four-year institution, often with the student starting as a junior.

The degree(s) listed in the small print are the Associate in Arts (AA), Associate in Science (AS) or Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees that transfer into the Bachelor's degree program.

General Education Transfer Guides

These guides list the general coures (i.e. humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, etc.) that are required for the university or college. Some institutions have college-wide general education requirements whereas other institutions have different requirements depending on a student's major (i.e. education, business, etc.) 

Course by Course Transfer Guides

These guides list specific MCC courses that four-year institutions will accept as equivalent to their courses. Course by course guides are helpful if the student knows the exact class or classes needed to transfer.

For lists of courses that have been approved to transfer to MCC, go to:

Course Equivalency, Transcript on File

Program Guides

Program guides list courses that satisfy admission requirements for various programs.

What is Articulation?

Articulation is a term used to describe the courses taught at MCC that the four-year institution will accept because the content is the same. Articulation agreements are official contracts between a four-year institution and Metropolitan Community College to guarantee the MCC associates degree will transfer to the four-year institution.

Please email the coordinator of Articulation if you have any questions about this site, transferring from MCC to another institution or if you represent a college/university and would like to set up transfer agreements with MCC. Students who wish to transfer their MCC credits to another institution simply need to request their transcripts be sent to that institution.