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TE@M Teacher Education at MCC

Metropolitan Community College is an active member of the National Association of Community College Teacher Education Programs



Teacher with Students

"The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher

The great teacher inspires."
        ~ William Arthur Ward

Inspire young minds.

Some teachers describe their profession as a calling. Truly gifted educators inspire excellence that extends beyond the classroom and makes a difference that lasts a lifetime. You can make a difference.

Become a teacher.

Start at MCC.

The Teacher Education at MCC (TE@M) learning community gives students the opportunity to explore teaching as a profession.

Through a partnership formed with the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO), MCC offers three Professional Core Requirement education courses to start you toward your goal of earning a bachelor's degree in Education.

EDUC  2020  Educational Foundations
EDUC  2030  Human Relations in Education
EDUC  2010  Human Growth & Learning

TEAM Class
TE@M classes take place at the Fort Omaha Campus. You'll be working with both Metro students and UNO students for some of your TE@M courses.

Developing Your professional Teaching Portfolio

Having a professional teaching portfolio that highlights your teaching accomplishments is essential in your educational career. As a student at MCC, you will begin developing your portfolio by working both independently and jointly with UNO students. It will contain an assembly of work assignments, speeches and other projects. You will take this portfolio when you transfer to UNO and continue to expand it throughout your career.


If you have a 2.75 GPA and have completed 12 hours of transferable General Education credit hours from MCC (credit earned from any college other than MCC does not count toward the 12-hour requirement), you are ready to take the Education courses. The 12 hours of transfer courses are not restricted to College of Education courses. They may be courses such as accounting or economics, as long as UNO transfer credit is awarded. Please make sure that you have completed ENGL 1010 and 1020, MATH 1310, and SPCH 1110. There are some other requirements that are listed on the TE@M Application Form.

An important part of preparing to become a certified teacher is completion of the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST). After successfully passing the PPST, you are ready to take the third TE@M course, EDUC 2010 Human Growth and Learning. The PPST is required for entrance into this course and to apply for the UNO College of Education.

Why start at MCC?

You benefit from MCC's affordable tuition, small class sizes and faculty that are supportive of your educational goals.

How do I determine if Teaching is for me?

Taking these courses is an economical way to determine if an education career is the path for you. You will be able to spend time observing classes in five areas: pre-school, elementary school, junior and senior high school and special education.


For more information about TE@M, contact:

Kim Schuchmann, Academic Advisor, 402-289-1212, or ksschuchmann@mccneb.edu.

Barry Anderson, Coordinator of TE@M, 402-457-2743, or banderson55@mccneb.edu.


How to Apply to the te@m Program

Print the TE@M application and fill out the first three pages.

Then submit your application and supporting documents to:

Barry Anderson
Coordinator of Articulation and Special Programs
Metropolitan Community College
PO Box 3777
Omaha, NE  68103-0777

Questions about your application?

Contact Barry Anderson at 402-457-2743, or banderson55@mccneb.edu.

Get more information about teaching at: TeachersCount.org.

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