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PPST Information

What is the ppst? do i have to take it?

The PPST is the Pre-Professional Skills Test for future educators. This three-part test is required of anyone seeking teaching certification in the State of Nebraska. The test covers the areas of reading, mathematics and writing. If you are part of the TE@M program, please have your scores sent to Metro, UNO, and the State Department of Education. (If you are not planning to be part of the TE@M program, send your scores to the four-year institution you plan to attend and to the State Department of Education.)

You must pass all three portions of the PPST prior to enrollment in the third course in MCC's teacher education course-sequence, EDUC 2010 - Human Growth and Learning. You can take the PPST at the University of Nebraska at Omaha Testing Center. More information on testing times and locations is available in the PPST Information Flier below.

It is best to prepare yourself for the PPST. There are many review materials available. In fact, MCC's libraries, area public libraries and bookstores carry PPST review books that provide actual review exams. MCC also offers three online PPST review courses, and you do not need to be part of the TE@M program to benefit from them. Any student can enroll in the following classes:

  • EDUC 0090 Math Praxis Tutorial
  • EDUC 0091 Reading Praxis Tutorial
  • EDUC 0092 Writing Praxis Tutorial

You may take one or all three of these online review courses, depending on which areas you would most like to review. Please check the online schedule of classes for availability of courses at http://www.mccneb.edu/schedule/

For more complete information and testing locations for the PPST, please see the following:

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