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Business Professional


The Business Professional program offers students an opportunity to design their educational goals to a specialty career or functional area of business including accounting, management, marketing, human resources, economics, real estate, finance, legal, and entrepreneurship. 

Job & Salary Outlook

Learning goals:

  • Prepare a business report that effectively communicates to a target audience.
  • Identify ethical dilemmas in business situations.
  • Recommend ethical courses of action in business.
  • Explain how diversity affects the business environment.
  • Apply a decision-making process to business issues.
  • Apply core concepts of the foundational business disciplines: accounting, business law, economics, finance, marketing, and management.
  • Design a career development plan.

Degrees & Certificates Offered

Academic pathway:

The Business Professional Certificate of Achievement is a stacked credential that provides students who have completed a Career Certificate the opportunity to path forward toward completion of their Business Administration Applied Science Associate Degree (BSAAS).


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Academic Focus Area  (AFA) Business Navigators and Advisors