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Blue and White Sign that reads "Ride free with Pass to Class. RIDE ON. PASS" and the white MCC mark, a blue bus and blue MCC mark.

Pass to Class

What is Pass to class?

,Pass to Class is a partnership program between Metropolitan Community College (MCC) and Metro Transit to encourage bus ridership and provide education access to eligible MCC students.

NOTE:  The Metro Bus system routes are limited.  The bus does not travel to the Elkhorn Valley Campus (EVC), Fremont Area Center and the Applied Technology Center (ATC).

Who Is Eligible?

Any MCC student that is enrolled in credit, non -credit ESL and GED classes, Re-Entry 180 students, GAP, or Veteran's Upward Bound participants.*
*Access and availability is in accordance with Metro Transit service routes.

Starting Summer Quarter 2024

No more paper bus passes! 
MCC Student ID Cards will replace paper passes.  The student ID cards issued after June 1 have been configured so that the Card Swipe magnetic strip works with Metro Transit Bus swipe readers.

Students may go, at the start of Summer quarter, to any campus Learning and Tutoring Center to be issued MCC's newest Student ID card.  The summer issued student ID cards have been configured so that the Card Swipe bar works with Metro Transit Bus swipe readers.

how can a Student use their  Id card to ride the bus? 

1.Students need to get a new student ID card after June 1. 
Old Student ID Card: Issued before June 1
New Student ID Card: Issued on or after June 1

2. Each quarter eligible students that want to request to ride the bus must fill out the updated Pass to Class eTrieve Form. There is a 24 hour process wait period after successfully submitting the Pass to Class eTrieve Form before the Student ID card is activated. 

Where may i get my student ID?

Student Services staff may direct you to the Learning and Tutoring Center where the majority of MCC Student ID cards are issued. You may also go online. Go to the MCC Photo ID Card website page for more information. 

Remember, in order for your Student ID to work as a bus pass, you will need to fill out the Pass to Class eTrieve Form 24 hours prior to riding the bus.

How often do I need to fill out the eTrieve Form to activate my Student ID as a bus pass?

At the start of every quarter. Keep in mind, once a student's Pass to Class eTrieve Form is successfully submitted for an upcoming quarter their id card, after the 24 hour wait period,  should work 7 days prior to the start of the quarter and will be active until the following quarter starts.

What Happens if I lose my Student ID?

Go to the nearest Learning and Tutoring Center and provide a valid government  photo ID and current MCC course schedule in order to be issued a replacement student ID card.  Students will not need to fill out an additional Pass to Class eTrieve Form.

What happens if the newly issued Student ID Card does not work as a bus pass after successfully filling out the Pass to Class eTrieve Form ?

Email with the dates, times, and bus #s (or route/stop ID) you have experienced a challenge with so that this information may be used to troubleshoot faulty bus equipment or magnetic strip on your student ID.

Rules of Conduct

All Metro rules and regulations must be followed. Failure to abide by the Metro rules and regulations may result in termination from the program.
  • The Pass to Class can be used at any time on any route, but only by the student who was issued the pass*.
    (*Access and availability is in accordance with Metro Transit service routes.)

  •  Use by someone other than the enrolled participant may result in termination from the program. Passes may not be transferred between individuals and will be deactivated upon voluntary or involuntary disenrollment from MCC classes.

  • Students will be responsible for showing their MCC Student ID card when entering the bus. Students who do not have their MCC ID at time of service will be denied service.

The Ins and Outs of Riding with Metro

Metro's website provides the novice bus rider with information on how to plan a bus trip, reading schedules, identifying the right bus, hailing a bus, boarding, standing, fareboxes, transferring and exiting.
 It is advised that you inquire about your needed routes and make plans in advance to the start of classes. 

MyRideOma allows riders to plan their route and track their bus in real time via GPS. Please note, Park and Ride locations are not listed in the route planning tool. You can view the list of Park and Ride locations on the Metro Transit website. Westroads mall and Aksarben also have Park and Ride locations, which are not listed on the website. 

Emergency Ride Home

UPDATE: The Emergency Ride Home program is no longer available. This pilot program began in March 2021 and ended at MCC on May 1, 2022. 

Over 1.5 million bus rides taken by students since the program’s inception.
Metropolitan Community College and Metro Transit have teamed up with one another since Oct. 2009 to present Pass to Class to eligible students. The program was started to help both MCC and Metro. MCC students have increased access to classes and locations, which should result in decreased parking congestion. The program will also allow MCC to study student travel patterns, and Metro is looking at ridership patterns and increasing their passengers. At the same time, this program is helping reduce single-occupancy vehicle trips and decrease emissions into the environment.