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Interior Design


The Interior Design program (INTD) at MCC provides aesthetic design knowledge and skills and a practical knowledge of retail and business procedures in the area of interior design.

Combining aesthetic vision with practical skills and knowledge, students develop design solutions that are aesthetically appealing, technically sophisticated and practical.

Students in Interior Design enter careers as interior design assistants and consultants as well as sales personnel for local interior product retailers.

MCC has a transfer agreement with the University of Nebraska - Kearney.

Virtual Tour     Take a virtual tour of the MCC Fashion Design and Interior Design Program.

Job & Salary Outlook

Degrees & Certificates Offered


Susan Trinkle, Dean of Humanities and The Arts

Annette Guy, Department Associate
Ivona Masic, Success Navigator for Creative Arts and Design

Susie McWhirter, Embedded Advisor for Creative Arts and Design

Nanci Stephenson, Instructor


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