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ATV SnowMobile Technician

ATV/Snowmobile Technician Career Certificate (PSATV)

Catalog Details: ATV/Snowmobile Technician (PSATV)

Award: Career Certificate

Program Location: South Omaha Campus

Graduation Requirements: 30.0 credit hrs.

Students learn how maintain, troubleshoot and repair snowmobile and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) equipment. Students will
perform services on modern products using specialty tools and factory test equipment.

Required Courses for ATV/Snowmobile Technician Career Certificate

  • PSPT 1000 - Basic Engine Principles I 4.5 Credits
  • PSPT 1100 - Introduction to Powersports Electrical Systems 4.5 Credits
  • PSPT 1110 - Introduction to Powersports Fuel Systems 4.5 Credits
  • PSPT 1200 - All- Terrain Vehicles (ATV) 6.0 Credits
  • PSPT 1210 - Snowmobile Systems and Technology 6.0 Credits
  • PSPT 1430 - Motorcycle/ATV Tune-Up 4.5 Credits