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MCC Emergency Notification System

Metropolitan Community College students and staff are encouraged to enroll and participate in the MCC EMERGENCY text messaging alert system.

Click here to enroll in MCC text alertsPA system blaring noise


MCC Police Department (MCCPD) coordinates emergency management planning for all Metropolitan Community College locations. MCCPD is responsible for handling all emergency situations, from the declaration of an emergency, notification of the College community, to mobilization of personnel and resources to combat the threat. In the event of any threatening situation, MCCPD will, taking into account the safety of the College community, immediately determine the content of and issue Emergency Notifications to any and all parts of the College community that may be affected, unless it has been determined that issuing such an alert would hinder efforts to help victims and/or contain the situation. Any notifications are distributed via MCC Emergency Notification system, which includes:

  • MCC Homepage
  • MCC students and staff via MCC email
  • Text messaging - to use this option, students and employees can enroll through My Services for no charge; however, the user is responsible for purchasing standard text messaging through their cell phone provider
  • Alertus brand beacons using audible and visual modes
  • Outdoor siren systems
alert us beacon displaying tornado warning

Examples of potential emergency situations include, but not limited to:

  • Bomb threat
  • Civil disturbance
  • Chemical spill/hazard
  • Act of violence with ongoing threats to campus
  • Severe weather/tornadoes

To contact MCC Police Department: call 531-622-2222

(from any campus phone, call 22222)