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Student Rules for Using an MCC Testing Center

MCC TESTING CENTER rules to ensure a professional and equitable exam session :

  • Please schedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance to complete an assessment or exam.
    • You can schedule your appointment in person at the Testing Center, by phone, or by email. Testing seats are limited and by scheduling an appointment you ensure your testing priority. Please inform the Testing Center staff if you have an approved accommodation you will be using.
    • All students are strongly encouraged to call ahead prior to arriving at a testing center to take a test. This allows you to see if the testing center has received an assessment or exam for you and if it is ready for you to take. 
    • Students are held responsible to schedule their own testing appointments. Instructors are not authorized to schedule appointments for their students.
  • ‚ÄčA valid government-issued photo ID  is required to be presented to Testing Center staff before an assessment or exam can be administered. A  valid ID cannot be a facsimile, photocopy, digital  picture or expired. Examples of valid identification include: non-expired state issued drivers licenses and ID cards, non-expired state issued temporary driver's licenses and ID cards as well as non expired government issued passports.
  • A current MCC Student ID card may be accepted as valid ID for specific assessments or exams, i.e. placement assessments.
  • Children of any age are not allowed in the Testing Center or to wait on the college premise while a student is sitting for an exam or assessment.

  • You may not leave the examination room for any reason without the permission of a testing center staff member. Failure to notify a testing center staff member prior to  leaving may invalidate your test upon return.

  • Food and drink items are not allowed inside the Testing Center.

  • Mobile/Cell phones are not allowed inside the Testing Center. They must be turned off or placed on silent mode and secured prior to entering the examination room.

  • Electronic devices that not authorized for your testing or are not allowed inside the examination area include, but are not limited to:  items with bluetooth technology, ear buds or ear phones , headphones, smart watches, FitBit or fitness type devices, glasses with USB or bluetooth connect ability, cameras, flash drives and unauthorized calculators.

  • The Testing Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

  • Items not required for testing (such as backpacks or briefcases) are not allowed inside the testing room(s) or tabletops while actively taking an exam.

  • Noise must be kept to a minimum at all times within the examination room.

  • Cheating will be handled in a manner that is in accordance with the "Student Conduct and Discipline Procedures Memorandum."

  • Testing Center staff members are not responsible for returning your homework or class assignments to the instructor.

  • Testing Center staff will inform students of testing time limits for their make-up exams and/or other assessments. Students are responsible for keeping within time limits given and all testing times are documented.

  • Testing Center staff are required to record all assessments and make-up exams before they can be administered. Tests may not be available to take for 24 hours once they arrive in the testing center. Students should not expect exams to be available immediately upon receipt from the academic faculty unless prior arrangements have been made. 

MCC testing centers

Elkhorn VAlley Testing Center

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number:

Fort Omaha Testing Center

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number: 531-622-2204

Fremont Area Center

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number: 531-622-3000

Sarpy Testing Center

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number: 531-622-3803

South Omaha Testing Center

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number: 531-622-4613