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Sheila Fields

Sheila Fields - Foundation Board of Directors Member

Sheila Fields, MBA CPLC is a Nebraska-based entrepreneur, philanthropist, professor, writer, certified life coach and speaker whose passion is to help others live a legacy of vision, hope, and empowerment. She does so by leveraging her education, professional background, and life experiences with her unique approach to storytelling and belief in her clients.

Fields is the founder and CEO of The Bobby Byars Foundation, Incorporated, which focuses on strengthening families and local communities. Initiatives such as Community Safety Day, endowments and trade scholarships, the foundation has awarded over $50,000 in scholarships and provided tools to help families to thrive through empowerment. The organization's leadership development project, Project W.O.R.K. (Winning = Opportunities, Resources and Knowledge) — aims to increase opportunities for unemployed or underemployed individuals by partnering with small businesses and mentors. Project W.O.R.K. provides a toolkit that helps participants become more empowered while supporting small businesses who partner as mentors.

As the owner of BFields Solutions, Incorporated (BFSINC), her company fills a critical gap for businesses and layperson by providing technical services for those who lack technical knowledge or do not have the time to develop solutions efficiently. BFSINC has delivered courses, coaching, training, and technical solutions for organization and business across the U.S.

As a writer for the historical Omaha Star newspaper and her virtual discussion platform, Unobstructed Views, Sheila Fields used her "comeback coach" style storytelling to speak boldly on issues that matter. Her goal is to provide tools to help listeners and readers become more confident as they navigate through life, careers, challenges, and successes.

Mrs. Fields holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Nebraska and a Master of Business Administration from Creighton University. She is a certified professional life coach and speaker and recently completed a certificate – Women Entrepreneurship - from Cornell University. You can find additional information at , on Instagram @coachsheilafields or