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In-Class Success Presentations

In-Class Success Presentations

Available by faculty or staff request, presentations range from 20 to 60 minutes in length and are facilitated by experienced staff from MCC's Success Program, Learning & Tutoring Centers, and Library.

Request Guidelines:

  • To request presentation(s) for your class or group, complete and submit the In-Class Presentations Request form.

  • Please allow a minimum of two weeks between the request date and the presentation date. This allows us to match a facilitator with your chosen topic, location, and date.

  • The requesting staff or faculty member should be present during the presentation.

  • Staff and faculty can request up to two full-length (45- to 60-minute) workshops per class section per quarter, each during a separate class meeting.

  • Staff and faculty can request up to four 20-minute mini-workshops, no more than two per separate class meeting. Mini-workshops provide information about a narrower section of a topic and encourage students to seek additional Success Program and Learning & Tutoring Center services.

Click the name of each workshop below to learn more about presentation content. (Note: The links will take you to MyHub, where you will sign in with your usual MCC credentials.)

Available Presentations & Length

Facilitated By

Discover MCC Tutoring & Academic Support (20 minutes)

Success Program / LTC

College Success Strategies

  • Study Smarter, Not Harder: College Success Strategies (45 minutes)

  • College Success: The Essentials (20 minutes)

  • College Reading & Memory Tips (20 minutes)

Success Program / LTC

Microsoft Office Workshops

  • Introduction to MS Word (45 minutes)

  • The Absolute Essentials of MS Word (20 minutes)

  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel (45 minutes)

  • The Absolute Essentials of Excel (20 minutes)

  • Introduction to Powerpoint (45 minutes)

  • The  Absolute Essentials of Powerpoint (20 minutes)

Success Program / LTC

Note-Taking Workshops

  • Note-Taking Tips and Strategies (45 minutes)

  • Basics of College Note-Taking (20 minutes)

  • Top Note-Taking Strategies (20 minutes)

Success Program / LTC

Test-Taking Tips and Test Anxiety

  • Test-Taking Tips and Strategies (60 minutes)

  • Test Prep 101: The Essentials (20 minutes)

  • Conquering Test Anxiety (20 minutes)

  • Tackling Test Items: From True/False to Essay Exams (20 minutes)

Success Program / LTC

Time and Stress Management

  • Time and Stress Management for College Students (45 minutes)

  • Time Management for College (20 minutes)

  • Stress Management for Students (20 minutes)

Success Program / LTC

Navigating My Way: Exploring the My Way Home Page
(20 minutes)

Success Program / LTC

Library Resources Made Easy(45 minutes)


Budgeting 101 (60 minutes)

Success Program/LTC

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