Military & Veteran Services FAQs

How do I resolve a Business Office Hold on my account (Ch 33)?

  • Please contact your Veterans Certifying Official if you have a Business Office Hold on your account and are unable to register for classes.  Your Veterans Certifying Official can work with Student Accounts to remove the hold for registration.  Please note, Chapter 33, Post-9/11 students who are not at 100% benefit will be required to pay their portion of tuition and fees prior to releasing a Business Office Hold.  MVS Contact Information

What if I want to change my program or major?

  • Please contact your Veterans Certifying Official if you plan to change your program or major.  Changing a program may impact the ability to certify your courses to VA, and may result in creation of a debt!  MVS Contact Information

What if I want to drop a class or change my schedule?

  • Please contact your Veterans Certifying Official if you plan to withdraw from a course after census date.  If you withdraw from a course after census date, you will incur a debt with VA.  Students may be required to pay tuition and fees as well as a portion of housing allowance if applicable.  MVS Contact Information
  • MVS will be notified of schedule changes and will adjust your certification accordingly.  Please work with your adviser to ensure all of your classes are within your program.

What classes will VA cover?

  • Program requirements – VA will cover only classes required for your current program of study or major.
  • Repeated courses – Students who have taken a class and achieved the minimum program-required grade will not be certified for a repeat attempt. 
  • Failing a class - Students who fail a course will be certified for a second attempt.  Only classes that are specifically required for a program, and for which there is no alternative, will be certified for a third attempt.  Students must meet with the Curriculum Compliance Official prior to a third attempt.
  • Placement in math or English – Students will only be certified for math or English classes for which they have a valid placement.
  • Remedial courses (09XX classes) will not be certified if they are taken in an anytime online (online only) format.

​How do I verify my monthly enrollment?  WAVE

  • All students who are receiving the Montgomery GI Bill® Chapter 30 or Selected Reserve Chapter 1606 must verify their enrollments monthly to receive payments. This verification can be done either by using the Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE) application on the GI Bill® website or by using the automated telephone system at 1-877-823-2378 and following the prompts. Please use your Social Security number to access WAVE or the telephone system.  As of August 1, 2021 Chapter 33, Post 9/11 students will also be required to verify enrollments monthly using WAVE or the telephone system.

What if I have an unanticipated military obligation?

  • In the event a student is unexpectedly called to active military service (deployment, TAD, etc.), the student should contact MVS immediately to make arrangements for accommodation.  The student should provide MVS a copy of military orders.  MVS will work with the student to facilitate solutions that will not result in student debt for returned portions of educational benefit funds and will provide opportunity to re-take or complete coursework.  Options for course resolution may include:
    • An "I" grade.  According to the MCC catalog, "I" grades are issued due to extenuating circumstances.  Students may be given an extension of time to complete course objectives.  Assignment of I grades is a faculty prerogative and is issued when students, who have completed the majority (at least 60 percent) of the course requirements, are unable to complete the remainder due to unusual or extenuating circumstances.  An I grade must be made up no later than 11 months after the end of the quarter in which the I grade was issued or it becomes an F.  Prior to issuing the Incomplete grade, the instructor and the student meet to discuss a timeline for completing the remaining assignments and/or tests in order for the student to earn a quality letter grade.  The instructor sends an email to the student, and copies the appropriate academic dean, confirming the due date for the remaining work.  (Does not count in computation of grade point average)
    • If the call to service occurs at a point in the term where the student has completed enough work to be issued a grade, a grade for the course may be issued based on completed progress.
    • The student may withdraw from the College, with VA and DoD considering unanticipated call to active service a mitigating circumstance.

How do I get verification for CHAMPVA?

  • Students who need school verification sent to ChampVA must make the request to their Veterans Certifying Official. This must be requested by the student every term and verification will be sent to ChampVA after census date to accurately reflect any additions or drops from the beginning of the term.  MVS Contact Information