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Dr. William H. Dodd Summer Academy

Metropolitan Community College’s Dr. William H. Dodd Summer Academy provides high school graduates an opportunity to have an on-campus experience and participate in MCC’s Student Support Services/TRIO program.

Academy Eligibility Requirements

Come from a low-income family and be a first-generation, college-bound student;
Be a high school senior with a GPA of at least 2.5 and plan to attend MCC, but need guidance and motivation; and respectfully participate in all Dr. William H. Dodd Summer Academy field trips and workshops, meet with the Academy and abide by SSS/TRIO program requirements.

During participation in the Academy, students enroll in a course designed to promote student success by enhancing study skills and exposing them to college curriculum and resources. They earn college credits and attend academic support seminars and workshops. The program provides a seamless transition for students from high school into college and prepares them to meet the academic expectations of colleges and universities. Students who participate in the Academy are provided a college course, text book, and supplies at no charge to them. There is no cost to participate in SSS/TRIO.

SSS/TRIO is a federally funded program that helps students develop the skills and motivation necessary to earn a bachelor’s degree. SSS/TRIO provides comprehensive student support, including academic advising, financial aid counseling, financial literacy, tutoring, transfer counseling, academic skills workshops, and leadership and cultural activities.

2022 Academy Application Links

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For assistance contact Brian Kress
Brian Bress
531-622-2317 (W)
402-522-6399 (C)