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Award Criteria Examples


  • Models exemplary professional behavior
  • Shares ideas and resources with others
  • Demonstrates expertise in subject matter
  • Gives generously of self - often invisibly - to be a good teacher
  • Involved in program, college/community activities

Commitment to Learning

  • Displays passion for teaching
  • Creates enthusiasm for learning
  • Effectively achieves teaching/learning outcomes
  • Flexibly responds to diverse learner needs
  • Promotes academic vitality

Relationships with Students

  • Enjoys positive rapport with students
  • Shows respect for students
  • Acts as role model
  • Inspires
  • Creates enthusiasm for learning

Relationships with Colleagues

  • Enjoys positive rapport with colleagues
  • Shares ideas and resources
  • Shows respect for colleagues
  • Performs as role model
  • Inspires others