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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Student Ex Officio?

Student Ex Officio is a position that was created by the Board of Governors to enhance communication among students and the College. A student is elected each fall by campus students to participate on the Student Advisory Council. The students who are selected by their peers, then vote for a student amongst themselves to be the Student Ex Officio. The Student Ex Officio represents the MCC student body and serves a one-year term.

2. What are the requirements?

  • Receive two written recommendations from staff/faculty
  • Currently enrolled as a student in good standing at MCC for at least six (6) credit hours in credit courses
  • Minimum cumulated grade point average of 2.0
  • Not employed by MCC other than in a work-study capacity
  • Remain enrolled for at least six (6) credit hours during each quarter (not including summer quarter) during the term of the Student Advisory Council, November - December

3. What Does the Student Ex Officio Do?

The Student Ex Officio attends the Board of Governors’ monthly meetings and participates in discussions of agenda items. The Student Ex Officio communicates with the board regarding issues affecting students and updates the board about student life at MCC. The Student Ex Officio also interacts with the Faculty Ex Officio member who represents the MCC faculty.

4. What Kind of Role Does the Student Ex Officio Play?

The Student Ex Officio plays an important role on the Board of Governors and at MCC. The Student Ex Officio represents the student body while learning more about the College. The Student Ex Officio also communicates with the student organizations/clubs.

5. Is the Student Ex Officio an Ombudsperson?

No. The Student Ex Officio is not an Ombudsperson. An Ombudsperson is someone who is appointed to investigate complaints. The Student Ex Officio does not investigate student complaints. The Student Ex Officio’s purpose is to be a student representative at the Board of Governors’ meetings. The Student Ex Officio updates the board about student life at MCC.

Students that have an academic issue may contact the appropriate academic dean. Students may contact the Dean of Student Advocacy and Accountability regarding complaints about non-academic issues.

6. Who is the Current Student Ex Officio?

The current Student Ex Officio is  Eldaide Zulu​.

7. How do I apply to be considered to be the Student Ex Officio?

Go to the student advisory council page for the December - November term.

Apply to be a Student Advisory Council representative.  You will need to be elected in the fall as a Student Advisory Council representative.  The newly elected Student Advisory Council will select one person to be the Board of Governor Student Ex Officio.  

Contact Shanda Clark or call 531-622-2334 for more information

Updated 8/25/23