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MCC Smoke and Tobacco Free

Smoke and Tobacco Free

As of Sept. 17, 2017,  all Metropolitan Community College locations are smoke and tobacco-free.  This policy promotes the well-being of all MCC community members and the maintenance of a sustainable and healthy campus environment.

Thank you for respecting MCC's Smoke and Tobacco-Free Policy.

To learn more about the policy, watch the "Metro & More"  video below.
Metro & More Video

Smoke and Tobacco Free Additional Information  — FAQs, policy information, events and resources

Questions can be sent to

In April 2017, we hosted a webinar to provide information on moving towards a smoke and tobacco free college.

A college-wide taskforce of staff, faculty and students have been working on this initiative. 

The taskforce members include the following:
Julie Langholdt, chair
Stephanie Albers
Greg Babst
Dani Bojanski
Jeff Brown
Sue Cullen
Jolynn Emery
Judy Gouldsmith
Todd Hansen
Kevin Ingalls
Deena Keilany, student
Tim Kelly
Steve Leichleiter
Tracy McTavish-Mlady
Jenny Milligan
Mike Rush
Bernie Sedlacek
Nancy Smith
Delanie Stevens, student
Mary Vogt
Peter Walsh
Joe Wolf, student