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Annual Leave


Procedure Memoranda
Reference  V1-13, Short-Term Leave

Academic advisors and counselors are eligible for annual leave (time off with pay) paid at the employee's hourly rate. Annual leave requests cannot exceed the hours of annual leave accrued.

Annual leave requests must be submitted through Kronos and approved by the employee's supervisor.

Faculty are not eligible for annual leave. (See Personal Leave) 

Annual Leave Accrues At The Following Rates:

Months of Service Days Accrued Per Year Hours Accrued Per Pay Period Maximum Accrual
0-36  months 18 6 280 hours
37+ months 21 7 280 hours

Employees who resign or retire will be paid out for their accrued, unused annual leave. 

HR contact:  Karla Stoltenberg, 531-622-2235