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Utility line students get hands on experience

Utility Line Technician

We are still accepting pre-entry forms for fall 2020, however, you may be placed on a waiting list. you will be contacted concerning your status.

What is Utility Line (UTIL)?

The Utility Line Technician program prepares students to enter an apprenticeship with an electric utility company or electrical contractor. 
KETV Utility Line Rodeo Video


Students begin the first day of class without having the advantage of knowing any of their classmates. Almost immediately, friendships begin to develop and relationships continue to grow throughout the year.

Is It For You?

Individuals interested in this program should have the following characteristics:

  • Ability to work at heights
  • Enjoy working with your hands
  • Enjoy working outdoors
  • Good hand-eye coordination
  • Team player
  • Positive attitude
  • Problem solver


  • Salary - The median hourly income for line technicians in 2015 was $31.95.
  • IBEW - Article concerning line technician shortage - Nov. 2009

Jobs: Check out our Facebook page for job opportunities in this field.


Tim Bowling 531-MCC-5812

Rich Newcomer 531-MCC-5811

Greg Babst 531-MCC-5806


Both program options cover identical coursework and lead to an associate of Applied Science degree.

  • Traditional Weekday option - four quarters, which includes climbing poles, line construction, an internship and more 
  • Weekend option - the same curriculum as the traditional option, spread across six quarters

Please see program catalog page for more information.

Program Costs

  • Tuition and fees - Successful graduates must complete 91.5-93.0 credit hours of study.
  • Tools and safety equipment - Students are required to purchase tools and safety equipment at a cost of approximately $1,600.

Admission Process

Students are admitted based on an application process that rewards incoming students on their preparation to enter the program. Completing the required General Education classes, Grade Point Average, prior degrees earned and holding a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) are criteria used to determine who will enter the program. A complete explanation of the admission process can be found in the Admission Policy.

Application Deadlines

  • Applications must be received by the due dates to be considered for entry into the program.
  • Fall Application deadline is June 1 for classes beginning September.
  • Spring application deadline is Jan. 1 for classes beginning March.


Class Schedules