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Customer Experience Academy

The MCC Customer Experience Academy provides participants the following opportunities:

2022-2023 Courses begin September 6, 2022!

Course Schedule

Fall 2022

  • BSAD 1000 - Introduction to Business 4.5 Credits
  • BSAD 1620 - Business Communications 4.5 Credits

Winter 2022

  • MRKT 1600 - Consumer Behavior 4.5 Credits
  • MRKT 1610 - Customer Service 4.5 Credits

Spring 2022

  • BSAD 1620 - Organizational Behavior 4.5 Credits
  • MGMT 2100 - Principles of Management 4.5 Credits

Meet the ACADEMY Team:

Deb Gaspard
Deb Gaspard
M.B..A., B.A.
MCC Director of Marketing & Entrepreneurship Programs
Fort Omaha Campus | (531) 622-8255

Tammy Madsen
Tammy Madsen
Ed.D., M.B..A., B.S., aPHR
MCC Director of Business Administration & Management Programs
South Omaha Campus | (531) 622-2496

MCC Business is pleased to welcome the North End Teleservices Quality Assurance Team to the 2022-2023 Customer Experience Academy!

NorthEnd Teleservices

The Customer Experience specialization provides the educational background for those interested in pursuing the Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSPr) designation offered through the National Customer Service Association.

NCSA - National Customer Service AssociationCCSP - National Customer Service Association