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Application and Forms

Practicum Applications

Note: You will need to access the My Way portal in order to print a copy of your transcript. Also, make sure that your contact information is current in My Way.

On your transcript, highlight or check all course prerequisites completed for the chosen practicum level.  Attach the transcript to the application, along with all required forms and mail or bring to:

Metropolitan Community College

Early Childhood Education Program
The Learning Community of North Omaha
1612 N. 24th Street - Room 132
Omaha, NE 68110

Please note the following important information

The following items are required in order for your practicum application to be accepted:

  1. Highlight completed prerequisites on your unofficial transcript.

  2. Be sure to complete the application and all required forms completely.

  3. Do not leave any blanks!  (Use N/A - not applicable)

  4. Make sure addresses are complete with city, state and zip.

  5. Sign and date your application.

These forms must be completed and submitted by the practicum application due date!

You cannot begin any practicum until your name has been cleared by the DHHS registries.

  • Copies of your CPR and First Aid cards or certificates must be provided before beginning any level of practicum
  • Health Information Report
    (Required for ECED 2090 Student Teaching Practicum and/or ECED 2091 Administration Practicum)

If you are a current or recent practicum student and your forms are less than one year old, we can pull those from your file. Please make note of that on your application. Also be sure all information is still current.

Practicum Instructor

Deanna Peterson


1612 N. 24th Street
Room 132


FOC #10
Room 132


Annual Practicum Application Deadlines

January 20

Spring Quarter

April 20

Summer Quarter

July 20

Fall Quarter

October 20

Winter Quarter

Late Applications will NOT be accepted.