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Automotive Collision Technology Engineering Program

MCC's Automotive Training Center - Auto Collision Facility

The MCC AUTB COHORT program is a seven-quarter long program designed to educate and train individuals for careers as Automotive Collision Repair Technicians. The curriculum leads to an Associate in Applied Science degree. The program involves attending classroom lectures and participating in laboratory activities at a participating company. In addition, the student will assume a position as an entry-level technician intern in a participating company.

Program Schedule

The program lasts seven quarters. Students are on campus one quarter and the next quarter, students are off campus working in a cooperative work experience as an intern in an employing participating company. Each specialized subject is taught in MCC classrooms and laboratories for a specific number of weeks. This academic training is then followed by related, supervised work experience with a collision repair facility performing a list of tasks related closely to the course work completed at MCC. This schedule repeats until the student is finished with their associates degree.

Participating Company/Employer

Since considerable time is spent at participating companies, it is a requirement of the program that each student be employed. If necessary, students will receive assistance in locating a participating company. The participating company will provide training-related employment for the student during his/her work experience periods. Since students earn while they learn, a considerable portion of the cost involved in the program is offset by the income earned during the internships.

B Street Collision Center

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Central Body

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Crash Champions

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Tracy's Collision Center

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Woodhouse Collision Center

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Web Links to Other Participating Companies

Auto Body Concepts

Central Body Company

Wreck-A-Mended Collision Center

Degrees & Certificates Offered

Associate in Applied Science:

Certificate of Achievement:

Career Certificate:

Program Benefits

Unlike conventional programs where the student goes to college and then secures a job, at MCC, the MCC AUTB COHORT student secures employment before starting the program. This program requires some effort on the part of the student. However, the benefits are worth the effort. MCC AUTB COHORT students learn the skills necessary for entry into a highly skilled profession along with the opportunity to practice and develop these skills with a considerable amount of on-the-job training.

If you are interested in applying and enrolling in MCC's AUTB COHORT program, please click on the application link:    Collision Engineering Program Application

Please email the completed application to:

Joe Baker
Auto Collision Technology Instructor
Automotive Training Center
Office Phone: 531-622-5808