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Manufacturing, Power, and Process Operations Technology

Process Control System trainer used in class by students.

What is manufacturing, power and Process Operations Technology (PROT)?

This program's purpose is to provide students an overview of and skills required to operate and maintain various manufacturing and process industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, argricultural, oil, gas, bio-fuels, power generation, thermal generation, facility operation, water treatment, and waste water treatment.

Students will explore valves, vessels, piping, pumps, compressors, motors, turbines, heat exchangers, cooling towers, boilers, furnaces, reactors, distillation, extraction and separation systems, process instrumentation, advance controls and automation, basic chemistry, basic electricity, basic physics, safety, health, quality, process drawings, and process equipment.

Is it for you?

Do you like to work with your hands and mind, work with new ideas and new products, explore different career fields and build your future? Manufacturing, Power and Process Operations Technology may be for you. 

Students in this program learn to operate and maintain bio-refineries, power plants, wastewater treatment plants and work in other industries utilizing the process operations skill set such as food and pharmaceutical manufacturing. This training prepares students for entry-level employment and advancement opportunities as technical professionals in the industry. Ongoing training for workers currently in the industry is also available.

Manufacturing jobs comprise nearly 10% of the workforce in Nebraska with those in the Process Operations field exhibiting the most growth. For more information about the growth of manufacturing jobs in Nebraska, please visit the National Association of Manufacturers website

Jobs and Salary Expectations

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Current Industry Partners Include

  • Cargill

  • Evonik

  • NatureWorks

  • Novozymes

  • OPPD

  • Warren Distribution


"The program allows us to build a pipeline of qualified applicants for positions at the growing Cargill Bio-Refinery Campus. Graduates will be in good position to be ahead of the curve by having the right education, training and mindset to meet the qualifications for the biotech businesses' own training programs for technical production jobs."

Gavin Atkinson

Thermal Process Control System and Analytic Process Control System trainers utilized by students during class.


  • Bio-Processing (MTBPO) - associate in applied science, provides entry-level training in maintaining, monitoring  and controlling equipment and processes used in bio-processing industries
  • Manufacturing Process Operations (MTMPO) - associate in applied science, provides education and training related to manufacturing in safety, instrumentation and processes control, power transmission, maintenance procedures and programs and quality and continuous improvement

  • Nuclear Power Plant Non-Licensed Operator (MTNPO) - associate in applied science, provides entry-level training in maintaining, monitoring and controlling equipment, systems and processes found in both fossil- and nuclear-fueled power generating plants

  • Power Plant (MTPPO) - associate in applied science, provides entry-level training in maintaining, operating and controlling equipment that produces and uses steam in fossil-fueled industrial and power generating plants

  • Stationary Engineer (PRESD) - career certificate, provides enhanced skills required for understanding the shift work and procedures required in the operation and maintenance of boilers and auxiliary equipment used in the power and process industries

  • Manufacturing Process Operations (PRMCC) - career certificate, enhances skills required for understanding the shift work, processes and operations found in various manufacturing industries

Program Faculty

Robert Boyer 531-622-4733

Class Schedules