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Dinner at Sage

The American Sages Project

We value the wisdom to be found by studying the masters of our craft. The American Sages project celebrates stalwarts of American regional cuisine by integrating their work into our curriculum.  Students at the Institute for the Culinary Arts use the wisdom from these sages to guide their menu development process while they are in Fine Dining and Plated Desserts courses.  The cooks on this list are here because they have:

  • made a major contribution to the American culinary scene

  • life stories that champion originality and authenticity in specific regional or ethnic cuisine

  • left an accessible and indelible legacy through books, television, and other media

This quarter, we’ve chosen four of these incredible American Sages to highlight and share with our students and guest. We’ve designed four relevant tasting menus that will each be offered for two weeks of service. Students are learning about these Sages and their culinary philosophies, signature ingredients, and cookery styles. As part of those menus, each student will plan, prepare and offer select courses on assigned evenings of service. All evening menus at Sage are
student-prepared, Sage-driven, and intended to create a meaningful dining experience for you, our guests, while highlighting the great American chefs who inspire us in our work.

We look forward to seeing you at Sage this quarter!
James Davis, Chef Instructor, Fine Dining
Cathy Curtis, Chef Instructor, Plated Desserts

*Business casual to casual elegant guidelines:
  • full pants, long-sleeved, collared shirt with or without a tie, skirts, dresses, blazers, cardigans
  • no denim/jeans, no flip flops, no hats, no t-shirts, no flannel, no shorts

Advanced Menu Requests | Student featured courses are in development often up until service dates. If menus are finalized and available, they will be hyperlinked above. Menus are subject to change. 

Wine Service
The Sage Student Bistro serves wine and beer at dinner. We maintain a concise but thoughtful beverage list featuring red and white wines, as well as an assortment of local and imported beers. If you have a special bottle of wine you would like to enjoy in our restaurant, corking service is available for just $10 per 750 ml bottle.


During lunch service, guests may park in college lots as available. Reserved parking for bistro guests is available in the lot to the north of Building 22.

Dates & Hours of Operation

OPEN FOR DINNER | Monday through Thursday
HOURS OF OPERATION | Dinner: 6–8 p.m. (last seating at 8 p.m.)