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33rd Annual Fort Omaha Intertribal Powwow banner

Powwow Committee

The Fort Omaha Intertribal Powwow committee is a gathering of MCC students, personnel and community members who work year-round to develop, implement and evaluate the powwow and all related aspects of the celebration. Membership is open throughout the year. 


  • Bruce Atkinson
  • Noemi Bonilla
  • Annabelle Edwards
  • Char Evans
  • Jenni Fauchier
  • Carolyn K. Fiscus
  • Theresa Foley
  • Craig Jacobus
  • Deb LaHoda
  • Alex Lovrien
  • Janet McCarthy
  • Cassie Rhoads-Carroll
  • Nicole Tamayo
  • Steve Tamayo
  • Barbara Velazquez
  • Theresa Walker
  • Dr. Rudi Mitchell
  • Dave Bell
  • Todd Baker
  • Sharyn Leigh
  • Duane Collins