Examples of Interactive Activities
Examples of Interactive Activities
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Global Voices & Perspectives photo contest was held Oct. 20, 2017

Here are the results of the contest:
First Place: Nature Meets City by Rebecca DeWitt, Credit Courses Abroad student, Guatemala
Second Place: Fly Away by Javier Ponce Castillo, International Student-Venezuela
Third Place: Perspective by Claire-Marie Knaudt, International Student-Germany
The People’s Choice and Best Description Awards were judged on Oct. 25 at the event where we awarded the students.
People’s Choice Award: Amazing Machu Picchu by Julio Hinojosa, International Student-Ecuador
Best Description Award: Perspective by Claire-Marie Knaudt

Here are some of the photos submitted:

"Amazing Machu Picchu"
Machu Picchu is one of the seven wonders of the world.  It is located in Peru in a sacred valley on the top of the Andes Mountains.
Julio Hinojosa
MCC International Student, Ecuador

Fly Away
Sometimes you got to fly away to find the beauty of nature.
Javier Castillo Ponce
MCC International Student, Venezuela

A Life Memory
The beauty of this rose represents how beautiful my grandmother’s life was.
Daniel Palacio Tapasco
MCC International Student, Colombia

Everyone starts with a blank page; studying abroad can give you the colors to create your personal masterpiece within yourself.

Claire-Marie Knaudt
MCC International Student, Germany

One Day in the Sea
Traveling made me realize that little things matter most.
Carolina Gomez Rios
MCC International Student, Colombia

Rebecca De Witt
MCC Student, CCA Guatemala