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OPT Application & Directions

Optional Practical Training – Applying Online

IMPORTANT: OPT applications must be received by USCIS within 30 days of the date that International Student Services prepares and signs the OPT I-20. If your application is filed with USCIS after 30 days of the OPT I-20 issuance date, your application will be denied.

  • Go to:
    • Create an account with your personal (not MCC email account), and follow the instructions for setting up a password.
  • Once you have created an account and logged in, select “My USCIS”
    • Select “Applicant” > File a form online > choose the authorization you are applying for:
      • Pre-completion OPT: (c)(3)(A)
      • Post-completion OPT: (c)(3)(B)
  • Fill out the form by following the prompts.  
  • You will be asked to upload documents. All documents must be in a certain format and no more than 6 MB per file: JPG, JEPG, PDF, TIF, OR TIFF (No PDFs for photos). Name documents with simple text and no special characters
    • US passport-style photo (taken within the last six (6) months)
    • Copy of the new OPT I-20 and past CPT I-20s only for post-completion applications.
    • Copy of current I-94 printout (if you have a paper I-94 card, include front & back)
    • Copy of passport (photocopy of photo page, renewal page if original has expired, and pages showing amendments such as name changes, corrections etc.)
    • If applicable, copy of any previously issued employment authorization documents (e.g. EAD cards)
  • Pay the OPT filing fee (Double check the fee amount at  
    • Bank account and routing number
      • Must be drawn at a financial institution that is physically  located in the U.S.
    • Credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover)
      • Call your credit card company or bank to let them know this fee will  be charged.
  • Download a copy of the application  for your reference. You cannot make any changes once the application is submitted.
  • A receipt number will show immediately upon filing, and a paper notice will also be mailed to you.  
  • Requests for Evidence, biometrics appointment info, approvals, denials will show in the "Documents" section. Paper copies will also be mailed.
  • The G-1145 is not part of the online application; it is only available when mailing a paper application.
Dates Related to Applying for Post Completion OPT
Quarter Last Day
of Classes
Post Completion OPT application dates.
Apply early!
Pick a date to start OPT, and inform ISS. Your OPT will end no later than 14 months after the last day of classes.
Fall 2021 Nov 22, 2021 Aug 24, 2021 -
Jan 21, 2022
Nov 23, 2021 -
Jan 21, 2022
Jan 21, 2023
Winter 2021 Feb 28, 2022 Nov 30, 2021 -
April 29, 2022
Mar 1, 2022 -
Apr 29, 2022
Apr 28, 2023
Spring 2021-22 May 25, 2022 Feb 24, 2022 -
July 24, 2022
May 26, 2022 -
July 27, 2022
July 24, 2023
Summer 2022 Aug 15, 2022 May 17, 2022 -
Oct 14, 2022
Aug 16, 2022 -
Oct 14, 2022
Oct 14, 2023