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How to Print Insurance Member Info and Find Providers

Print Your AHP Member Information

  1. Go to the MCC Neb My AHP homepage
  2. Click on Account Information
  3. Click on Wellfleet Account
  4. Click on Electronic ID Card
  5. Scroll down to the orange area, and click on Log in to access my ID card, view claims, and more
  6. Log in or create your account to access your ID card.

Find a Doctor, Hospital or pharmacy in the AHP Network

  1. Go to the MCC Neb My HAP homepage
  2. Scroll down to Find a Provider
  3. Click on Find a Provider
  4. Click on either Find a Doctor or Hospital or Find a Pharmacy.
  5. You will see "How are you Covered?" Select Employer or School
  6. Enter your city and state OR your zip code
  7. Continue following the prompts
  8. If you are asked: Please Select a Plan: Confirm your location and select Continue
    •  Choose PPO, Choice Fund PPO
  9. You should have access to the doctor/hospital search tools