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AwardSpring FAQs

AwardSpring Frequently Asked Questions

Before starting your AwardSpring profile and applying for scholarships, please read through these helpful tips.

Students will need to:

  • Fill-out all required fields to the best of your ability.

  • Supply a username, valid email address and an MCC ID # if you already have one, (this is NOT your Social Security Number).

  • Complete short-answer essays, if required for a particular scholarship.

  • Fill out and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid application to be eligible for scholarships that require students to show financial need.

  • New students must also complete an MCC application to be considered for scholarships.

What is my Student ID and how do I find it?

  • Your student ID is your seven digit MCC ID #. You can find this on your class schedule.
  • ​First-time students with a completed MCC application may call the Contact Center at 531-MCC-2400 for instructions to receive their student ID.

I don't see my MCC program of study (Major)

  • If your program of study (major) is not listed in AwardSpring, please send an email to

I don't know my gpa

  • Enter your MCC GPA from your MCC transcript. If this is your first quarter at MCC, enter your anticipated GPA.

  • If you are a first-time student at MCC, enter your last known high school or college GPA.

How do i know if my application is complete?

  • Your AwardSpring Dashboard will have a box with the number of applied scholarships. You will not receive an email notification.

how do i know if i received a scholarship?

  • After the scholarship window has closed, you will be notified whether you received a scholarship or not.
  • Scholarship notices are sent to the email address you have entered in AwardSpring.

I have questions about writing an essay

  • Students may need to submit an essay in AwardSpring to be considered for certain scholarships.
  • Visit Writing a Scholarship Essay for helpful tips to compose a competitive essay.