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Metro Omaha Trades Invitational (MOTI)

Metro Omaha Trades Invitational is an annual competition that allows high school and college students to demonstrate their trades skills and determine which students will advance to future competitions. 

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January 2022

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ICA High School Culinary Invitational

This day-long competition consists of student teams preparing a three course meal in 60 minutes. Floor judges observe students in action and the judges’ tasting room allows for careful consideration by industry experts. The Invitational prepares students for national competition and furthers the students’ culinary education and skills. 


February 2022

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MCC Foundation Scholars Reception

The Metropolitan Community College Foundation’s Scholars Reception is our annual signature event developed to connect scholars with the donors whose generosity has made their educational pursuits possible. More than 300 attendees, including our college president, faculty, deans, scholarship donors, students, and members of MCC Foundation’s board of directors will celebrate the achievements of our scholars at this event.

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Spring 2022,
Fort Omaha Campus

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Student scholarships for tuition, fees, books, tools, and equipment eliminate barriers for achieving educational goals. Donate to an existing scholarship or establish a new scholarship to recognize your company, family or loved one.

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Career and Technical Education Visionary Fund

This fund was established to remove barriers for students, enhance career and technical education programs, and support faculty and staff in professional development to stay ahead of ever-changing industry trends.

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