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Printing FAQ's

Student Printing

Why does printing cost money?
Thousands of pages of abandoned prints are left in printers and recycle bins annually. MCC is committed to environmental sustainability.
What are alternatives to paying for printing?
You can save documents, library database search results, course notes, etc. to your OneDrive, USB disk drive or email them to yourself. You can then print them on your own printer, if you need to do so. The other alternative is to write citation lists and transcribe course notes.
  • Black and white, single-sided = $0.07 per page
  • Color, single-sided = $0.40 per page
  • Black and white, duplexed = $0.13 per page
  • Color, duplexed = $0.60 per page
This does not include specialized areas where large-format printing exists, such as Visual Arts where printing costs vary and are based on size and resolution.
Do students continue to receive free print credit each quarter?
Registered students will receive 14 cents at the beginning of each quarter intended to allow printing of 2 class schedules.
When will I receive the free print credit?
Students registered for a quarter will receive the 14 cents print credit approximately one week before the date of their first class. Students who register late for classes will receive their credit within 1-2 days of registration. Only registered students receive the print credit. If you have not received your print credit by the date of your first class, contact IT Support Services at 531-622-2900.
Is there a discount for duplex (double-sided) printing?
Duplex printing in black and white costs 13 cents per page. Duplex printing in color costs 60 cents per page.
Can I get a refund for a print job that did not print?
Print jobs that do not print are normally not charged to your account. You can log onto your personalized PaperCut web page to check the status of your account.
How can I add money to my print account using cash?
You can add money to your print account by using one of the PaperCut PayStations located in:
  • FOC Building 10 in the Digital Express
  • FOC Building 23 in the hallway by Room 103
  • SOC CON Copy Center Room 159
  • SOC MHY commons
  • EVC hallway
  • SRP hallway west side of Student Services
  • FRC hallway outside 102
  • ATC hallway
Is there another way to add money to my print account?
You can add money to your print account using a credit card or PayPal account. From any computer in the world, you can log into your personalized PaperCut web page, click on the Add Credit link on the left-hand side of the webpage and follow the prompts.
Can I get a refund for the money that I have added to my print account but have not used?
The money that you added using either cash, credit card, or PayPal remains in your print account until you use all of it; there is no refund. Your print account remains active as long as you have an MCC user account.