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Oct. 5

Oct. 5, 2021 



Derek Rayment 

Public and Media Relations Manager 

531-MCC-2876, office 


MCC tags Robinson to lead Institutional Effectiveness 

OMAHA, Neb. - T. Hank Robinson joins Metropolitan Community College as the vice president for Institutional Effectiveness. Robinson will provide collegewide strategic planning, evaluation and assistance to ensure MCC is following its mission statement of delivering relevant, student-centered education to a diverse community of learners. 

“I’ve joined MCC with the role and responsibility to assess how well we remain aligned and resourced to adapt and thrive during these broader social, environmental and political shifts,” Robinson said. “I get to work with other members of campus to sort genuine opportunities for MCC from false starts and fads so that our investments of time and energy pay dividends for students, faculty, staff and our community.” 

Robinson comes to the College from University of Nebraska at Omaha where he was the director of the office of Institutional Effectiveness since 2013, bringing the expertise needed to help keep MCC a growing and thriving community college. 

“Much of my career centered on institutional and program evaluation, planning and resourcing,” he says. “Most institutions function very well during normal times, but experience ‘growing pains’ when they shift from one scale to another. All signals indicate MCC will be pushed to new levels of scaled delivery and operations in the next three to five years. My experience in staging these types of transitions will help MCC find its way to the next level even while we preserve and honor our commitment to the MCC historical missions, values and constituents.” 


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Metropolitan Community College, accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, is a comprehensive, public community college that offers affordable, quality education to all residents of Dodge, Douglas, Sarpy and Washington counties. Founded in 1974, MCC has the largest enrollment out of six community colleges in Nebraska and is the second largest post-secondary institution in the state. MCC serves more than 40,000 unique credit and noncredit students.