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We are excited you are considering Metropolitan Community College (MCC) as your educational partner to help you reach your goals. We consider education as part of your pathway to a high-demand career. Choosing a college is not easy, and it includes exploring what a college has to offer, selecting the right college, and taking the steps to enter and begin classes. We have designed this web page to answer your questions, and get you started on your path forward.

Quick Answers

Anyone ready for college has a lot of questions, and we want to answer them all. To reach out quickly to one of MCC’s Enrollment Management or Contact Center staff anytime to discuss your individual situation, feel free to use any of these resources:

Resources by Student Type

Although most of the information and links on this page relate to all new students, you may have specific questions about attending MCC by student type. You can use the definitions and links below to access detailed information if you are this type of student:

Explore MCC

Let this page be a map of sorts to guide you to information that will help you. These links can be the initial steps in the exploration process to learn about MCC’s 100+ academic programs, multiple campus locations, a variety of student clubs, and the minimal costs to attend MCC.

MCC Overview: There's a lot to know about MCC, so you may want to start at the big picture. These resources are a great place to start:

  • Our MCC Viewbook offers a complete view of the College.
  • Because of the pandemic restrictions, we are holding a variety of virtual events for prospective students. Find an event (or more than one) that gets you more information about MCC.

Academic Programs: MCC has a host of opportunities for students in a wide variety of academic and career areas and activities. Departments are listed by nine program areas. Students can earn an Associate degree, Certificate of Achievement, or Career Certificate, or earn credits to transfer to a four-year college. Explore academic programs. Check out the Course Catalog.

Browse Careers: What career(s) meet your passions and abilities? Browse possibilities at MCC Career Coach, and complete a short assessment to get career options matched to MCC programs.

Campus Tour: We would be pleased to host and show you any one of our state-of-the-art facilities. Find out how to schedule a tour.

Student Clubs and Activities: There is plenty to do when you are a student at MCC. Clubs, organizations and activities are all part of Student Life. Search Student Life opportunities to participate and add to your experience (and resume).

Tuition and Fees: It is a given that MCC is the best college value in Nebraska. Tuition Rates are among the lowest in Nebraska, and 100+ scholarships are available to lower the costs even more. Learn more about tuition.

Meet your Enrollment Management Team: Our team of Enrollment Management Outreach and Program Specialists are here to help you with any questions you have. Feel free to reach out to anyone on the Staff for additional help.