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Post Exchange and Gymnasium

Tour Stop I: Post Exchange and Gymnasium

Gym In 1880, nearly a dozen years after Fort Omaha was established, indoor hot and cold water bathing facilities were installed—three shower rooms for enlisted men and one for officers. By the end of the 19th century, a new attitude toward the health and welfare of soldiers prevailed. Men eagerly seized opportunities to compete in gymnastics, baseball, basketball and tennis.

During World War I, community interest in the Balloon School resulted in the construction of a YMCA canteen at the fort, providing space for additional indoor recreation. In the years of Navy tenure after World War II, Little League teams along with Fort Omaha personnel played on two baseball diamonds at the fort. In addition, the grounds boasted a nine-hole golf course and the best tennis courts in the city.

This building was constructed as a Post Exchange and Gymnasium in 1907. The Navy continued to use the gymnasium until 1974.

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