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This is a complete listing of College Procedures Memoranda in topical order. The PMs are updated as changes occur and are posted to this site as soon as possible. Questions can be directed to the President's office, Fort Omaha Campus, Building 30, 531-MCC-2759.

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Board of Governors Employee Relations & Employee Development
College Property Employment Procedures/Practices
College-Wide Procedures Information Technology
Compensation/Benefits Procedures Student Procedures
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Board of Governors

Board of Governors' Special Recognition Scholarships I-2
Ex Officio Members of the Board of Governors I-1
Faculty Ex Officio I-1
Ombudsperson X-14
Scholarships, Board of Governors' Special Recognition I-2
Student Ex Officio I-1
Whistleblower Policy X-14

College Property

The acquisition, storage, possession, service, sale and consumption of alcohol on College Property and at College Events X-17
Art on Campus X-31
Demonstrations on College Property IX-7
Donation of Art X-31
Equipment, Inventory IX-4
Expenses, Coding of II-3
Facilities Use IX-2
Inclement Weather X-1
Inventory IX-4
Naming of College Property IX-6
Public Art Committee X-31
Purchasing, Signatures Guidelines II-3
Smoking and Use of Tobacco Products on College Property & Vehicles IX-5
Solicitations on College Property IX-7
Weather, inclement X-1

College-Wide Procedures

Adoption of Textbooks IV-1
Archiving College Files X-27
Budgeting X-3
College Logo X-22
Crisis Communication Plan X-29
Crisis Situation X-7
Diversity II-2
Emergencies, communication of X-29
Emergency Situation X-7
Food and Beverages, Use and Reimbursement of VI-36
Fundraising by Employees X-16
Grants System, procedures for X-20
Human Participants Research Guidelines X-26
Identity Theft Prevention X-30
Legal Counsel, Authority to Engage X-23
Library Materials IX-3
Logo for the College X-22
Membership in College Groups II-2
Memberships, Civic Clubs X-25
Memberships, Individual X-21
Memberships, Organizational X-21
Memberships, Service Clubs X-25
Miscellaneous Expenditures VI-36
News Media, Communication of Crisis/Emergencies X-29
Planning X-3
Procedures Memorandum, Creating a New One X-11
Procedures Memorandum, Updating X-11
Public Records, Access to X-12
Records Management X-27
Red Flag Rules, Identity Theft Prevention X-30
Requests for Position Reclassification VII-6
Research Guidelines, Human Participants X-26
Safety and Health Program at MCC X-32
Survey Procedures and Guidelines X-28
Textbook Adoption Procedures IV-1
Travel Guidelines VI-2

Compensation/Benefits Procedures

Absence Without Pay VI-1
ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) X-6
Adoption Leave VI-13
Annual Leave VI-13
Bereavement Leave VI-13
Catastrophic Disability Leave VI-13
Compensatory Time, Non-Exempt (hourly) VII-19
Counseling Services VI-19
Court Leave VI-13
Demotions, Voluntary and Involuntary VII-6
Disability Leave VI-13
Donated Leave Program (DLP) VI-40
Educational Leave VI-13
Election Service Leave VI-13
Employee Assistance VI-19
Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) VI-13
Funeral Leave VI-13
Grant Positions VII-6
Holiday Leave, Non-Exempt (hourly) VII-19
Internship Program VI-29
Job Analysis VII-6
Jury Duty VI-13
Lactation Support Program VI-39
Lateral Transfers VII-6
Leave Without Pay VI-1
Leave, return from VI-13
Maternity Leave VI-13
Military Leave VI-13
Overtime, Non-Exempt (hourly) VII-19
Paternity Leave VI-13
Pay Rate Adjustments VII-6
Pay Rate Schedule VII-6
Personal Leave VI-13
Professional Leave VI-13
Promotions VII-6
Reassignments VII-6
Reclassifications, Temporary VII-6
Reduction-in-Force, Full-time Employees Covered in Negotiated Statement of Policy VI-15
Reduction-in-Force, Non-Exempt (hourly) VII-6
Rehires VII-6
Reporting Relationship Changes VII-6
Responsibility Pay VII-6
Sick Leave VI-13
Title Changes VII-6
Tuition Waiver, Adjunct Faculty and Dependent VI-37
Tuition Waiver, Employee and Dependent VI-7
Vacation VI-13
Volunteerism Procedures, Non-Exempt (hourly) VII-19
Voting, Time Off for VI-10
Workers' Compensation for On-the-Job Injuries VI-31

Employee Relations & Employee Development

Adjunct Faculty Observation and Feedback Procedures VI-5
Communicable Diseases VI-25
Disciplinary Actions, Employee VI-24
Discrimination of Employees VI-34
Drug Prevention X-5
Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act X-5
Drug-Free Workplace VI-30
Employee Discipline VI-24
Evaluations — Exempt Staff (Salaried) VI-6
Evaluations — Faculty VI-3
Evaluations — Non-Exempt Staff (Hourly) VII-4
Grievance Procedures, non-bargaining unit VI-4
Harassment of Employees VI-34
HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) Act of 1996 VI-35
College Internship Program VI-29
Non-Disciplinary Actions, Employee VI-24
Ombudsperson X-14
Personnel Files VI-26
Sexual Harassment of Employees VI-34
Whistleblower Policy X-14
Work Expectations VI-24

Employment Procedures/Practices

Academic Credentials and Tested Experience, Employees VI-41
Awards, Employees VI-12
Background Checks Prior to Employment VI-38
Crime, Employee is Convicted VI-38
Education Assistance VI-32
Employment Guidelines for Part-time Employees VII-31
Employment Verifications VI-27
Flexible Work Schedules VI-20
Nepotism VI-11
Orientation Period VII-4
Personnel Files VI-26
Probationary Period VII-4
Records, Access to Personnel VI-26
Recruitment Guidelines VI-21
References, employment VI-27
Relatives, Employment of VI-11
Release of Information from Personnel Files VI-26
Service Awards VI-12
Travel Guidelines VI-2
Work Schedules, Flexible VI-20

Information Technology

Cell Phones X-13
College Logo X-22
Computers, Use of X-15
Identity Theft Prevention X-30
Information Technology and Resources X-15
Logo for the College X-22
Pagers X-13
Websites, Metro's, Creating, Updating and Maintaining X-24

Student Procedures

Board of Governors' Special Recognition Scholarships I-2
Conduct, Students V-4
Discipline, Students V-4
Discrimination V-3
Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) V-1
Grievance Procedures for Alleged Discrimination V-3
Harassment of Students V-2
Identity Theft Prevention X-30
Rights of Students, includes FERPA and Buckley Amendment V-1
Scholarships, Board of Governors' Special Recognition I-2