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Academy Fellows

Leah Carpenter, MPH Associate Director Gretchn Swanson Centre for Nutrition

Leah Carpenter, MPH

Associate Director | Gretchen Swanson Center for Nutrition

Workshop Topic:

MEASUREMENT & EVALUATION    The process of collecting and analyzing information in order to understand performance and make better decisions.

Leah Carpenter is the Associate Director at the Gretchen Swanson Center for Nutrition (GSCN), headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. GSCN is a national nonprofit research institute, founded in 1973, and providing expertise in the measurement and evaluation of public health nutrition efforts. GSCN's work helps to develop, enhance, and expand programs focused on promoting food and nutrition security, healthy eating active living and local food systems. Leah’s research interests include strengthening the school-food environment and promotion of healthy food access across communities. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2008 and her Master in Public Health from the University of Nebraska Medical Center with an emphasis in Community Health Education in 2012.

Brent Crampton, Director of Partnerships, Hillside Solutions

Brent Crampton

Director of Partnerships | Hillside Solutions

Workshop Topic:

ENVIROMENTAL STEWARDSHIP   Responsibly managing and conserving natural resources while promoting sustainable practices to ensure a healthier planet for current and future generation.
In the circular food system, Brent helps connect your food establishment’s trash can to the garden where your next meal will come from. From small mom-and-pop restaurants to the kitchens of Fortune 500 companies, Brent provides consultation, training, and hauling services to organizations looking to keep its solid waste out of the landfill. He’ll guide academy participants on how to set up recycling & composting systems, the 101 on single-use vs reusable serve ware, and explore what role your food establishment can play in the circular food system.

Tom Hoover, Teacher, Creighton Prep

Tom Hoover

Teacher | Creighton Prep

Workshop Topic:

SERVICE & COACHING   Guiding ad supporting individuals to develop into their best self with a primary focus on fostering their ability to make positive and impactful contributions to the other members of the team.


Married to Brenda, wife of 26 years. Children: Jack, Mary, Grace, Kate, Peter, Annie. Live in Dundee. Completing 38th year of teaching.

Quentin Lueninghoener, Owner and Founder Hanscom Park Studios

Quentin Lueninghoener

Owner and Founder | Hanscom Park Studios

Workshop Topic:

STORYTELLING   The ability to craft a compelling narrative- shot through with the companies vision, values, strategy and culture- in order to inspire, engage, and create meaningful connections.

Quentin Lueninghoener founded Hanscom Park Studio in 2012 after a career in journalism and graphic design in Portland, Omaha and Lincoln.

Nicole Malone, Design Director, Prefabricated Construction AOI Corporation

Nicole Malone

Design Director, Prefabricated Construction | AOI Corporation

Workshop Topic:

DESIGN THINKING   A problem-solving approach that empathizes with users, explores creative solutions, and iterates though a collaborative process, enhancing their ability to address complex challenges and drive meaningful innovation.


I earned a Masters Degree in Architecture from the University of Nebraska Lincoln and am a LEED Accredited Professional (LEED-AP). For 17 years I worked for a small design firm that garnered a broad project base. From ground up commercial and residential, to renovations, additions, and interior build outs. Small project scenarios, from design down to the details were especially fulfilling. Now I have switched gears to become a resource for the design community while working with a product that is taking construction into the future. As Prefabricated Construction Design Director at AOI, my hope is to be the ultimate partner for Architects and Designers to integrate DIRTT into their projects that will help them be as efficient and flexible for their client’s needs. I am a strong supporter of community organizations that deal with sustainability, preservation, women and girls! My Gallup strengths are Focus, Includer, Achiever, Responsibility, Positivity.

Nathan Preheim,  Managing Director / Cofounder Proven Ventures

Nathan Preheim

Managing Director/Cofounder | Proven Ventures

Workshop Topic:

ENTREPRENEURIAL THINKING   Adopting a proactive and innovative mindset to identify opportuities, take calculated risks, and drive growth by seizing strategic advantages across dynamic business landscapes.


A serial entrepreneur in every way, Nathan can’t help but concept new companies. Thankfully, he has become quite attuned to taking a concept through validation and eventually into scale. Today, he is an adjunct professor at Creighton University, co-owner of MindMixer, the CEO of Juno, a cofounder of New Venture Network, and a general partner at Proven Ventures - a unique venture fund that is refactoring startup investing for Nebraska founders.

Katie Twit, Conflict Coach, Facilitator and Mediator  Concord Mediation Center

Katie Twit

Conflict Coach, Facilitator and Mediator | Concord Mediation Center

Workshop Topic:

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE  The ability to recognize, understand, manage, and effectively harness emotions in oneself and others in order to cultivate strong interpersonal relationships.


Centering individual self-awareness and agency within the wider context of systems and relationships, Process Facilitator Katie Twit cultivates a fertile environment for individuals and groups to effectively navigate change and shape their future. With advanced degrees in communication and conflict resolution, as well as extensive experience teaching language, yoga, and mindfulness, Katie creates space for clarity and connection to emerge.

Dr. Steven Wengel,  Professor of Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry Division Director, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Campus Wellness, UNMC

Dr. Steven Wengel

Professor of Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry Division Director, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Campus Wellness | UNMC

Workshop Topic:

WORKPLACE WELLNESS   The collective range of efforts and outcomes related to promoting and enhancing the overall health, well-being and quality of life for all employees.


Dr. Wengel has lived in Nebraska his whole life (so far). He is a geriatric psychiatrist and wellness expert at UNMC. He loves to promote practical strategies for improving our reaction to stressful events and promoting psychological resilience.

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