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Program Details


The ALA meets once a month to learn about a leadership topic, and then engages with that topic in a measured, results-focused structure to improve themselves and their operation.

Sunday Gatherings

  • One Sunday each month, Academy Members stay in Fort Omaha Officers’ Quarters. Here they can finish projects together, cook dinner, and participate in a series called 'Tasting Notes.'
  • Tasting Notes explores a book on leadership through the lens of a food-centered film.  Academy Members study a summary of the book, and together watch a movie to seek examples of the book's leadership principles.  Questions are distributed for the Academy Members to answer, in order to enrich the lesson.

Monday Workshops

  • The morning opens with breakfast and a discussion of Sunday's Tasting Notes.
  • After that, Academy Members take turns presenting to the cohort their analysis of the topic studied, and receive feedback.
  • For lunch, the Members welcome the afternoon speaker – the Academy Fellow.
  • The Academy Fellow shares their lecture on the month's topic.
  • By the end of the afternoon, Academy Members have their plan for how to apply this topic into their organization.


  • The following four weeks, the Academy Member applies the plan in their organization, evaluating its successes and struggles.  The Academy Members organize this information into a presentation.  
  • When the Academy meets again, each Member presents their experiences to the cohort, and the cycle begins again.


  • September 15-16, 2024 - Opening Retreat

  • October 20-21, 2024

  • November 17-18, 2024

  • December 15-16, 2024

  • January 12-13, 2025

  • February 16-17, 2025

  • March 9-10, 2025

  • April 6-7, 2025

  • May 4-6, 2025 - Closing Retreat


Eight workshops over nine months: $3,475. Scholarships are available for individuals who work in K-12 food service.
Reach out to us at the link below, or e-mail or

ALA Information Request Form

The Applied Leadership Academy is built for restaurant and foodservice professionals seeking the hands-on, collaborative experiences necessary to improve team performance and enhance well-being.‚Äč

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