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Health Information Management Systems


Metropolitan Community College's Health Information Management Systems (HIMS) program prepares graduates for a career in medical coding and billing and/or medical office management. HIMS is the practice of managing, acquiring, analyzing, and protecting digital and paper-based medical information vital to providing quality patient care.

The HIMS program at MCC is comprised of a comprehensive educational curriculum that prepares students for professional careers in the healthcare environment. Health Information Management professionals possess the skills necessary to manage staff and/or systems used to collect, store, retrieve, and communicate healthcare data that is used for the planning, delivery, reimbursement, protection, and evaluation of patient care.

In the HIMS educational program, students will acquire marketable skills and knowledge to:

  • Answer questions and solve problems

  • Research and network to find solutions

  • Communicate healthcare data for reimbursement

  • Interpret health information for assigning reimbursement codes for payment

  • Evaluate and organize work flow processes in a medical office and/or healthcare environment

By focusing as much on health technology and interoperability standards, analytics skills, and the traditional skills associated with health information management, the HIMS program prepares knowledgeable and skillful professionals to assume entry level as well as leadership positions in public and private healthcare organizations. HIMS graduates are able to manage and administer health information technologies that span across healthcare facilities.

Medical Coding and Billing professionals possess the skills to process medical information and extract needed information for reimbursement and data collection.

Medical Office professionals possess knowledge of business processes and workflow to ensure quality in a healthcare environment.


Working in the Health Information Management field requires professionals who demonstrate integrity, technical and analytical skills, interpersonal skills and are detail oriented. HIMS professionals do not give hands-on patient care, but care for patients by ensuring their medical data is accurate and secure. They have an essential role in transforming that data into information to make wide-ranging changes in the provision of health care.

Graduates of the HIMS program have a vast array of career options across the healthcare continuum in healthcare management and/or medical coding and billing fields. Many HIMS jobs have flexibility, telecommuting, and additional career opportunities and advancement in positions related to health care.

Many of our students take selected HIMS classes in preparation of a field of study in another institution. HIMS is a great undergraduate program for students interested in obtaining their Bachelor of Science through articulation agreements to 4-year colleges and universities.


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The career field for HIMS is expected to grow over the next few years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. An aging population requiring more medical services will generate an increased amount of data. This increase, coupled with widespread use of electronic health records by all types of healthcare providers, will lead to a greater need for technicians to organize and manage the associated information in all areas of the healthcare industry.

According to statistics from the Department of Labor, employment of health information professionals is projected to grow 11 percent from 2018 to 2028. For more information on these statistics and median salary, go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.


  • Carol Widman, B.S., CPPM - Program Director/Instructor; 531-MCC-3016 

  • Jan Hess, M.S.Ed., RHIT, RHDS, RHIA - Instructor; 531-MCC-1330

  • Dawn Goodsell, RHIA, CCS, CPC-I, CPC, COC - Instructor; 531-MCC-2633


Metropolitan Community College offers an associate degree with two options in Health Information Management Systems (HIMS).

  • Medical Coding and Billing (HIMC1) - The Medical Coding and Billing associate degree prepares students for entry-level employment as a coding specialist in a healthcare environment. Students will learn code sets to include CPT, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II in order to accurately translate a diagnosis or procedure in preparation for reimbursement.

  • Medical Office Management (HIMO1) - The Medical Office Management associate degree provides students with the knowledge and skills needed for employment in a medical office or healthcare environment.

A Certificate of Achievement is available in the Medical Office option.

  • Medical Office Assistant (HIACE) - This certificate of achievement provides the basic foundation necessary to work in healthcare facilities in an entry-level secretary/clerical position.  It also serves as a pathway to the Medical Office Management associate degree program.


The mission of the HIMS program is to prepare students for entry-level employment as medical coders/billers or general medical office professionals by providing the basic knowledge, understanding, and skills required to work in a medical office setting, process healthcare records, and prepare patient care documents with accuracy, clarity, consistency, and timeliness.

The mission of HIMS support Metropolitan Community College's mission by providing up-to-date curriculum that meets industry standards to a diverse group of learners. Our students are from diverse backgrounds, ages, and experiences. We maintain the student-centered philosophy of learning.


The HIMS program is affiliated with the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). The full-time medical coding and billing instructor, as well as one of the adjunct instructors, are certified to teach the certified professional coder (CPC) review and administer the national certification examination.

Upon successful completion of the required courses in the Medical Coding and Billing associate degree program, students will complete HIMS 2910 CPC exam preparatory class. This course prepares students for the certification exam for Certified Professional Coder® (CPC®) sponsored by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). Students will take the CPC exam as part of the Medical Coding and Billing degree program.

After receiving CPC certification, there are additional specialized credentials in the coding arena that facilitate career advancement.


  • Students will be required to earn a C or better in each course.

  • Courses in either the hybrid or online setting require internet access.  It is the student's responsibility to make arrangements for access. Students who do not have access at home can use computers with internet access, connectivity to Blackboard, and other resources at each MCC campus. Students unable to come to an MCC campus should plan ahead to visit a local library or other facility that has access.

  • Students complete internships at the end of each of the associate degree programs in the HIMS field. Many of these students are offered permanent career positions by the internship sites at graduation. As part of this internship, a criminal background check will be completed. A drug screening may be required by the internship site.

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