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Great Plains Theatre Conference

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The Great Plains Theatre Conference was founded in 2006 at Metropolitan Community College under the leadership of president emerita, Dr. Jo Ann McDowell. Since its inception, the Conference has helped to develop hundreds of new American plays, provide workshops and training with the country's great theatre artists, build a vibrant community of local and national theatre artists and create an annual theatre festival with work from the nation's best playwrights.

The GPTC provides opportunities for participants to interact with and have their work seen by a host of national theatre professionals and scholars. Theatre workshops, luncheon panels and daily PlayLab and MainStage Series readings comprise the foundation of the Conference.  PlayFest is an evening theatre festival for the community and seeks to give voice to the stories that have the power to unite and inspire diverse audiences.

GPTC invites and welcomes a number of distinguished and nationally known playwrights, directors and actors each year. These guest artists are in place to nurture and mentor new and emerging playwrights and Conference attendees through various workshops, MainStage and PlayLab feedback sessions and seminars. Each year, the Conference also hosts an honored playwright who is featured throughout the week and recognized for their body of work during PlayFest.