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Mobile Device Repair Academy

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Become WISE™ Certified

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About the Mobile Device Repair Academy

MCC offers the first mobile device repair certification program in postsecondary education through an industry partnership program with CTIA Certification and iFixOmaha.

The academy is a credentialing program that includes a one-week Bootcamp and an eight-week Internship. Participants may earn two Wireless Industry Service Excellence (WISE) certifications upon successful completion of the Bootcamp.  About 50 million mobile device screens are damaged each year, and this noncredit program provides an at-cost device repair resource to the greater Omaha community.

The WISE Certification program was established in 2019 by CTIA, the wireless industry association, after years of coordinated efforts by more than 50 organizations across the spectrum of the wireless industry. By establishing standards for employee training and best practices for mobile device repair, the program provides consumers with a predictable, high-quality repair experience.

MCC/WISE Bootcamp and Internship Class Schedule

The one-week MCC/WISE Bootcamp launches Spring 2023, and repeats four times per year as demand requires.  The Bootcamp curriculum prepares participants to test for both WISE Levels 1 and 2 certifications.

The Bootcamp and Internship may be delivered for teams as Customized Corporate Training. For more information and to schedule Customized Corporate Training, email

To Register, Click on a Class:

Summer Term:
Boot Camp: Monday, June 10 - Friday, June 14, 2024 / 9am-5pm / Fort Omaha Campus
Internship: Monday, June 17- Wednesday, June , 2024 / As Scheduled with your Internship Supervisor / Reboot Central

For assistance with enrollment, contact the MCC Contact Center at 531-622-2400.

WISE Certifications

WISE™ Certifications are an industry-recognized standard certification for technicians, IT Professionals, retailers, and business owners.  By participating in the MCC Mobile Device Repair Academy, participants may earn CTIA WISE™ Certifications 1 and 2 during the one-week Bootcamp, and perfect skills and marketability by enrolling in the 8-week Internship.

WISE™ Level 1 Technician Certification

Must be renewed yearly.
A Level 1 WISE™ Certified Technician has passed the WISE™ Certification Knowledge Exam and is considered qualified to repair or resolve issues without opening the device. Individuals who pass WISE™ Level 1 will be able to:
  • Inspect/test basic functionality including, at a minimum: digitizer, brightness, mic, speaker, battery, charging port (cellular, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® technology)
  • Perform Diagnostic testing using onboard OEM diagnostic tools and tests capable of testing the battery, storage/memory and operating system of the device
  • Check for viruses or malware
  • Perform a hard reset of a device using exterior buttons
  • Perform a forced reboot of device using a hard or soft function
  • Update device software (often needed to resolve repair issues) 
  • Identify device data backup and restore options
  • Clear or clean a port or headphone jack without opening the device
  • Determine if NTF, NFF(need to write these out) or user error
  • Perform an external assessment of liquid damage

WISE™ Level 2 Technician Certification

Prerequisite: WISE Level 1 passed with 70% or greater.
Individuals who pass the WISE Level 1 Knowledge Exam are eligible to complete the hands-on portion, which leads to a Level 2 WISE technician certification. Individuals who pass WISE Level 2 will be able to:
  • Use and/or read a multimeter
  • Reconnect or reseat cables or component connectors
  • Replace exterior buttons, switches or single keys
  • Replace component cables, e.g., data cable or display cable
  • Replace headphone jack or other non-soldered, plug-in component
  • Replace Wi-Fi, GPS, cellular or Bluetooth modular antenna or cable
  • Replace modular camera(s)
  • Repair and replace microphone without soldering
  • Repair and replace speaker involving non-solder internal speakers or sound components
  • Replace secondary board or daughterboard
  • Replace thermal components, e.g., fan, heat-sink
  • Remove and replace assembly
  • Replace full-assembly display
  • Replace back, front, bottom and top case
  • Replace battery adhered or installed using screws or other non-solder components
  • Replace non-soldered, plug-in charging port component
  • Repair non-soldered components of the motherboard
  • Assess internal liquid damage

MCC/WISE™ Internship

The MCC/WISE™ Internship builds 100 hours of hands-on work experience over eight weeks.  Reboot Central, the technology support service desk at Digital Express on the Fort Omaha Campus, is staffed by MCC students who have completed the Bootcamp and earned WISE Level 1 and 2 certifications. Participants work 10-15 hours/week, applying knowledge and skills gained during the Bootcamp. 
During this internship, participants receive hands-on training fixing broken devices and gain customer service skills. Repairs will be supervised by WISE-authorized training administrators with iFixOmaha, an independent mobile device repair shop with three Omaha locations and regional expansion goals.

Benefit/Value of Earning WISE Certifications

  • Certified WISE Technicians are in high demand, offering certified individuals a new career opportunity.
  • WISE Levels 1 and 2 Certifications provide the skills necessary to start a mobile device repair business. This is the best way to learn the proper techniques, resources, vendors and skills to be successful. ​ You’ll also learn the right business model, based on your goals and resources.
  • These Certifications may offer additional revenue streams for those operating other mobile device-related businesses. WISE™ logos and branding represent a recognized standard of repair, and certified individuals may use them on business cards, doors, and advertisements.
  • If you’re an employee, this certificate adds value to your company, which is a great way to get that raise you probably already deserve. ​


If you would like more information, please complete an Interest Inquiry Form. An MCC staff member will respond.

Please email with questions.  NOTE: All questions must be emailed to enable forwarding to appropriate personnel.

For assistance with enrollment, contact the MCC Contact Center at 531-622-2400.