About International Student Services

About the ISS

International Student Services serves prospective and current F-1 visa students. ISS reviews applications for admission for prospective F-1 students and provides general immigration advice for F-1 students.


Naomi M. Greelis
PDSO and coordinator of International Student Services

Naomi Greelis has been assisting international students in various capacities since 1999. She received her master's degree in intercultural relations with a focus in higher education administration - student affairs - international education exchange from Lesley University. Greelis holds a bachelor's degree in International Studies and a second bachelor's degree in Anthropology and Sociology from Central College. She enjoys helping F-1 students succeed in their personal and educational goals at Metropolitan Community College.

Ernestine F. Hawkins
DSO and International Student Services associate

Ernestine Hawkins is a graduate of Metropolitan Community College. She's worked with international students for more than 11 years. During her 18 years at MCC, Hawkins has worked as a receptionist in Counseling/Advising and as a staff member in Central Registration. She worked in Enrollment Management and assisted with the process of reviewing international students' files and processing I-20s. Hawkins also worked in Admissions to admit students into various health programs.

Michele L. Sanchez
DSO and International Student Services specialist
(contact for insurance questions)

Michele Sanchez studied international business and Japanese language studies at the University of Iowa and has worked with international students since 2007. She has studied abroad in a small island city in Japan and worked abroad as an English teacher in Nagano, Japan. Sanchez enjoys meeting students from other countries and learning about their cultures, and most importantly strives to assist them with meeting their academic goals while in the United States. Some of her hobbies include running, swimming, hiking, and being active outdoors. 

Betty Gitari
International Student Services clerk

Betty Gitari is an international student from Kenya. She came to the USA in August 2017, and she is currently under the Nursing Degree program at MCC. She has previously worked with Savanis Bookshop, Happy Life Children's Home and Giants Foundation Health Services after completion of her high school certificate in August 2015. She is now a part time clerk in International Student Services. She is social and loves art, music, and singing.