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ALEKS Math Placement Information

ALEKS (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces) is a Web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system that uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine exactly what a student knows and doesn't know in a subject.

ALEKS PPL (Placement, Preparation, and Learning) accurately measures a student's math readiness and repairs learning loss via web-based and self-paced skill building. An ALEKS PPL account is valid for one year and provides students 5 assessments (initial and 4 retakes) in an effort to improve their placement score (if necessary). All five assessments must be completed within one year from the time the student registers for an ALEKS PPL account.

ALEKS PPL Math Assessment Parameters:

  • Untimed - no time limit, average completion time 1 ½ - 2 hours.
  • up to 30 questions.
  • No personal calculators, tablets, or cell phones allowed.

It is best to visit with your assigned Success Navigator, Academic Advisor or MCC Counselor first to determine if you are exempt from math placement. Students are exempt from completing a math placement via current ACT/SAT scores, math placement via high school transcripts and GPA, AP math courses completed, or if enrolling into an academic program with no math prerequisite requirements. Schedule a time to speak with Advising.

I’ve completed my initial ALEKS Math Assessment. What now? (ALEKS next step instructions.)

ALEKS PPL Math Assessment Retake Policy:
Students may retake the ALEKS math assessment by waiting the 48-hour cool-off period* and completing the required review time of their ALEKS Prep and Learning module.
          *The 48-hour cool-off period can be waived with approval from your assigned Success Navigator, Academic Advisor or MCC Counselor.
The 1st ALEKS math assessment retake is unlocked after completing 3 hours of review time in the ALEKS Prep and Learning modules.
The 2nd - 4th retake is unlocked by completing an additional 5 hours of review in the Prep and Learning modules before each retake attempt.

Express Retake Option:
An express retake of the ALEKS math assessment is available for $20 per each retake attempt. (How to pay for an express retake.)
The express retake allows students to skip the ALEKS Prep and Learning modules required review time to unlock the assessment.
No approval is required for express retakes.

To schedule an ALEKS math assessment for course placement please contact a Testing Center listed below:

Elkhorn Valley Campus Testing Center

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number: 531-622-1278

Fort Omaha Campus Testing Center

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number: 531-622-2204

Fremont Area Center

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number: 531-622-3000

Sarpy Center Testing Center

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number: 531-622-3803

South Omaha Campus Testing Center

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number: 531-622-4613