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Testing Service Fees

Assessment, Exam, or Service Amount of Fee Code GL-Number 

Proctor fee:
For non-MCC students utilizing an MCC Testing Center location to complete an assessment or exam for another institution (college, university, business, etc.)

$30 per test
+ prepaid postage (if needed)



ALEKS Math Assessment Express fee
Allows a student to skip the required review time of their ALEKS Prep and Learning module to unlock their retake attempt.




HSRT-AD Exam fee $20 HSRT 01-1-00004-4728

TEAS Exam fee




PN Comprehensive Predictor fee




Challenge Exam fee 




Credit for Work Experience
Contact the Prior Learning Assessment Dept. for further information.




Placement Score Report or REPRINT Fee
Fee to process and send assessment score results used for MCC course placement to an out-of-state institution. REPRINT fee for additional copies of ANY score report.

$15 per release




General Notes On Testing Costs

  • Unless noted otherwise, students will pay for proctored testing costs at a campus Student Services Cashiers window or by contacting the Student Accounts Office at 531-622-2405 during normal business hours.
  • Students must pay for proctored testing prior to taking an exam and present the receipt at the time of their proctored testing. A receipt may be hand written or machine printed but is required to include an authorized "CR Code and GL Number" that can be verified by Testing Services Staff.
  • A student’s Pell Grant cannot pay for proctored testing costs.
  • Proctored testing costs are "non-refundable."
  • Proctored testing costs are in addition to mandatory fees paid to institutions other than Metropolitan Community College.
  • Revenue will not be tracked in detail at the student-name level.
  • The Business Office is not to be held responsible for collecting Testing Center charges since payment is required to be paid prior to the testing.

Testing Center Notes

  • Testing Center Staff are not allowed to accept cash, charge cards, checks or money order payments for any type of testing. 
  • MCC reserves the right to provide or deny proctoring services to inside or outside organizations on a case-by-case basis.
  • Proctoring services are available during regular business hours and are scheduled by Testing Services staff.

MCC testing centers

Elkhorn Valley Testing Center

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number:

Fort Omaha Testing Center

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number: 531-622-2204

Fremont Area Center

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number: 531-622-3000

Sarpy Testing Center

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number: 531-622-3803

South Omaha Testing Center

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number: 531-622-4613