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MCC Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum & Instruction

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The Curriculum and Instruction Team serves as an ongoing resource for faculty who are engaged in the processes of teaching, curriculum design and development, and assessing student learning. We are here to assist and empower faculty in all phases of teaching and to support learning throughout the college.

Mission Statement

Partner with faculty to support teaching and learning at MCC through:

  • Faculty Development
  • Curriculum Design and Development
  • Outcomes Assessment
  • Integrated Instructional Support

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Curriculum & Instruction Resource Pagemultiple people working together

The Curriculum & Instruction Resources site contains many resources to assist with course development, program development & review (including IPRs), CARS & PARS, remote and blended instruction, Integrated Instructional Support (I-BEST) and more.

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Curriculum & Instruction

Fort Omaha Campus, Building 12N

C & I Team

Cindy Catherwood, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs / 531-622-2645
Kelly Hoefer, Associate to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs / 531-622-2387
Jane Mulder, Assistant Director of Academic Affairs Curriculum Processes / 531-622-4586

Cathy Brunkhorst, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Transfer, Prior Learning, & Programs / 531-622-2423

Naomi Mardock Uman, Director of Faculty Development / 531-622-4736

Melissa Zimmer, Director of Curriculum & Instruction - Programs & Integrated Instruction / 531-622-2434

Steve Nichols, CLEAR Coordinator & Assessment / 531-622-1326