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The College offers  full-time exempt and non-exempt employees health insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS). Under the Educators Health Alliance (EHA) BCBS PPO plan, employees receive comprehensive health benefits and may choose in-network or out-of-network providers with each health care situation.

Employees share in the cost of medical services by paying out-of-pocket costs including office visit and prescription co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance amounts. The amount of cost share varies depending on the health care services and whether in-network or out-of-network providers are utilized. To find an in-network PPO provider, go to and click "Find a Doctor."

New employees must enroll within 31 days of employment, and coverage becomes effective the first of the month following the beginning date of employment.

NOTE: Preventive services do not generally include services intended to treat an existing illness, injury or condition. Claims must include the appropriate diagnosis and procedure code to be paid at 100% preventative benefits level.

mail order prescription savings and home delivery:

EHA BCBS members can save money when filling prescriptions used to treat chronic health conditions such as blood pressure and diabetes, by utilizing Express Scripts Pharmacy mail -order, home delivery services.  Members can order up to a 180-day supply of covered medication at one time (if allowed by your prescription). The copay for a mail order prescription is 5 times the 30-day copay amount for 180-day supply, resulting in a 30-day savings. Express Scripts Pharmacy home delivery services provides safe, accurate prescriptions delivered to your door, with pharmacists available 24/7 to manage your online prescriptions.


With Amazon Pharmacy, EHA BCBS members can have long-term medications delivered to your home with access to MedsYourWay™ discount card pricing. Amazon Pharmacy offers the following benefits and features:

  • Mobile app or computer access to your account
  • Shop the lowest price, whether that's your insurance copay, coinsurance, or MedsYourWay™ discount card pricing
  • Track the progress of your prescription fulfillment and delivery
  • Free standard, five-day shipping (two-day for Amazon Prime members)
  • Manage your medications and view your order history
  • Works with your health insurance plan and doctors to get prescriptions filled so your don't have to
  • Talk to a pharmacist 24/7/365

specialty medicines pharmacy:

Specialty drugs (Tier 4 prescription drugs) are used to treat certain complex, chronic health conditions, such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis C, and others.  Accredo is a specialty pharmacy that can help you manage your specialty medicines.  Accredo provides EHA BCBS members with specially trained pharmacists and nurses who provide personalized care to patients. To learn more about Accredo, visit


You can get care when you need it in less than 10 minutes with telehealth services. Telehealth lets you video chat with a doctor at your convenience instead of having to travel to a doctor's office. Each visit costs less than emergency room, urgent care or even in-office doctor visits. It's easy to use, affordable, private and secure.

Telehealth is available 24/7, 365 days a year, over your computer, tablet or smartphone in all 50 states. It's perfect when your doctor's office is closed, you're too sick or busy to go in person, or when traveling. Behavioral health services are also available from licensed therapists.

Go to or call 1-844-733-3627 to get started. When prompted, enter service key BCBSNE to get the BCBS of Nebraska member rate.

HR Contact: Julie Nohrenberg, 531-622-2232 or Cindy Croy, 531-622-2231