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Academic Affairs Office


Tom McDonnell, Vice President for Academic Affairs
FOC, Building 30, 531-MCC-2716

Cindy Catherwood, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs
FOC, Building 30, 531-MCC-2645

Connie Galvin, Coordinator for Academic Affairs
FOC, Building 30, 531-MCC-2449

Curriculum and Instruction Team 

Assistant Director of Academic Affairs Curriculum Processes
Jane Mulder, FOC, Building 30, 531-MCC-4586

Director of Curriculum & Instruction - Transfer, Prior Learning and Programs
Cathy Brunkhorst, FOC, Building 12N, 531-MCC-2423

Director of Faculty Development
Naomi Mardock Uman, FOC, Building 12N, 531-MCC-4736

Director of Curriculum & Instruction - Programs and Integrated Instruction
Melissa Zimmer, FOC, Building 12N, 531-MCC-2434

Center for Learning, Effectiveness, Assessment & Research (CLEAR)
Lynn Bradman, FOC, Building 10, 531-MCC-2217