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Customized Workforce Training

Our instructional designers, project managers and trainers help business and enterprise design company-specific learning resources. Training can be delivered on-site, online or at our state-of-the-art facilities at the Center for Advanced and Emerging Technology.

We offer three tiers of Customized Training Services:

Basic Workforce Training

As Work Ready Community partners, WID provides literacy education, work readiness training, National Career Readiness Certifications and coaching to overcome barriers to employment success. A key goal of Tier 1 education is to more quickly advance students into job specific training and employment. Tier 1 students are advanced to company-specific hiring events only after they have demonstrated that they meet or exceed an employer's minimum criteria for employment. Tier 1 workforce development substantially increases the rate of good hires and results in stronger retention.

Advanced Workforce Training

Based on company priorities, WID provides continuous training to advance employee skills. Examples include training on new and emerging technologies, new business practices and trainings for certifications such as project management and lean. Examples of training on new technologies and practices include next generation additive/3-D printers, robots, automated systems, business analytics and cross-functional teams. WID has long-standing, ongoing training partnerships with companies large and small and has established company specific “universities,” providing employees designated training pathways toward specific advancement opportunities in their companies. MCC currently is contracted through Integrated Global Dimensions and the U.S. Department of Transportation, designing training for Intelligent Transportation Systems. 

Accelerated Workforce Training

The Workforce Innovation Division provides accelerated training to build company-specific talent pipelines. Training might range from a few days to a few months and typically incorporates team based, hands-on learning and state-of-the-art technologies. Training is often designed toward industry credentials in areas such as logistics, lean and production. Training can be delivered in a company-specific Earn and Learn model, whereby individuals complete a brief training series (such as six months), gain employment and then continue their training toward a more advanced position in the company. The Earn and Learn model moves people quickly into employment, while continuing to strengthen their workplace skills.

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For additional information on custom workforce training, please contact the Corporate Training team | | 531-MCC-4943